Today on Buzzle I found a great little article that talks about why landing pages on your website are critical to online-marketing success. Essentially, you have your website and you somehow generate traffic to your website. You could be getting traffic from an SEO campaign or via paid text ads such as Google Adwords. But getting traffic to your site is not enough – if you’re not funneling you’re website traffic to the correct portions of your website, you could be losing potential sales:

Let’s say you’re an online hardware store that sells a range of different products, including hammers, saws, power tools and axes… and you have a website where people can buy them from. You pay for targeted keywords, such as ‘buy hammer’ and ‘buy power tools’ and send all the traffic to the home page of your website.

If the person that typed in ‘buy hammer’ doesn’t see a hammer on the first page they are redirected to after they click on the ad, there is a much lower chance that they will convert to a sale. If, on the other hand, they click on the ad and are then taken to a page where they buy a hammer, there will be a much higher chance of them buying the hammer… leading to higher conversions and lower cost per customer acquisition.

A landing page is a single page dedicated to a single product or service, providing the visitor everything they need to know to make a decision to buy the product immediately.

Landing pages are very important for your businesses if you attract customers looking to find something specific for sale among a list of service or product offerings. As we have seen here, using Adwords in conjunction with your web site’s landing pages (not necessarily your home page) of your website can really pay off. Making higher sales via your site is not always about how much traffic you get but how you use that traffic, how you streamline a browsing customer’s time when they are looking for specific offerings on your site.


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