Happy 2012 and Happy Friday the 13th! A new year is upon is and so much is changing in the face of SEO and social media that it’s hard to keep up. Here are a few articles of interest from the last few weeks. Bear in mind some of these may be end of 2011 articles.


8 Predictions For SEO in 2012 – Sir Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz gives a nice breakdown of the predicted future for SEO.

How To Use Google – An Infographic – A slightly humorous look at how to use the search giant through the visual aid of an infographic.

Google Punishes Chrome for Violating Terms – Even Google is not absolved from Google’s wrath. Google (likely from being called out by users) punishes it’s own website for violating terms in relation to a PPC campaign by the marketers of Chrome. To see what preceded this, this article will show you what all the hullabaloo was about.

Danger of an Attack On Piracy Online – This article by the New York Times delves into the pros and cons of Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and what it really means.


Baseball and PPC – Know Your Cleanup Hitter – A cute comparison of baseball and paid search. Know who your cleanup hitter keywords are!

Social Media

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World – In a powerfully bold move, Google has changed the face of their SERPs with the ability to toggle between (and have integrated regardless) results coming from your Google+ accounts. This means your search results potentially will be based on your circles of friends. This is causing a huge stir in the Internet community; both good and bad.

Twitter Responds to AntiTrust – In relation to the above mentioned article, Twitter releases their feelings about Google’s recent change.

Twitter’s Outrage Reaction to Google’s Change – Another look at Twitter’s response to Google’s changes.

Google Maps Integrated Game for Google Plus – A interesting game that will soon be available as part of Google Plus games. See the video!

Pinterest – A Beginners Guide – Pinterest is gaining a lot of interest (forgive the pun) as of late in the social media community. Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to use it and interact with the community.


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