Hey SEM fans… here’s a short recap of a few articles you may have missed over the last few weeks.


Google Displays Concert Rich Snippets Rich Snippets are starting to gain popularity and usage; Google is showing rich snippets for concert dates and times.

Chrome Will Implement Do Not Track Button – Yet another fly in the SEO/analytics ointment; Chrome will have a plug-in that will hide your visibility so that you cannot be tracked. Now even less data will be available to analytics.

Google +1 Button – SEO Benefits – I like this article in particular because it delves into an often understated viewpoint; that of indirect SEO.

Social Media

How Target Figured Out a Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Dad – The psychic power of data analysis! Target apparently let the cat out of the bag on a pregnant teen by marketing towards her purchasing habits.

Watch Out Pinterest – The Fancy Is Here – With all the hype surrounding Pinterest as of late, this site, The Fancy, has found a way to monetize social picture sharing.

How Google + Is Encircling Your Brand – Though it remains to be seen how effective Google + is to ROI, it is rapidly becoming a great way for brands to interface with their clientele.

Remember when search engines would advertise on TV? Here’s some old Search Engine commercials that we may or may not remember!


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