Google buys Zagat! Panda 2.4, Google snippets, Bing Unleashing Tigers… big news in the Internet marketing world. The Big 2 search engines are making a lot of noise as of late. Here are a few articles you may have missed in the last couple weeks.


Panda Update 2.4 Arrived This Week – The roaring Panda update has made its way this week. How will this impact search?

What Is SEO? A 3 Minute Video – Do you know someone that isn’t aware of what SEO is? Perhaps they live in a cave. Well, show them this video of basic search engine optimization! (Bring your laptop, they live in a cave.)

Google is making a lot of changes in how data is being pulled into their SERPs. The latest is bulleted snippets. How do you get those? This article explains what Google uses to pull information into a bulleted snippet in the search results.

Microdata: Not Ready For Primetime – Microdata is becoming an increasingly important aspect of coding to pay attention to. However, is it fully ready for everyone to adopt?

Application Rich Snippets by Google – Speaking of microdata, Google’s own explanation of application rich snippets.

Google News Launches Standout Tag For Featured Content – Yet another Google update. The search giant lanches a standout tag for featured content in their news section.

Google Analytics Premium – For just $12,500 a month, you can get the benefits of Google premium. Improved tracking, customer service, and a variety of other benefits. You just need your arm, your leg, your kidneys, your first born…

Bing Unleashes Tiger To Speed Search Results – Not to be outdone, Bing is releasing "Tiger," which is said to expedite search results.

SEO Is Like (Insert Analogy Here) – Cute quips by Twitterers with a variety of analogies about SEO. SEO is like a box of chocolates…



Paid Search Conversions By Position – Analyzing conversion rates by which position you are in the search engine.

Ad Copy Boost Review – Analyzing conversion rates by which position you are in the search engine.

Adwords To Adsense Arbitrage – Internet paid advertising tutorial!


Social Media

Twitter Web Analytics – Twitter is now offering their own analytics interface to help you keep track of tweets.

Tumblr Gets 85 Million In Funding – Tumblr is revamping their formats and is quickly becoming a top free microblogging engine. Think of a combination of WordPress and Twitter.

Why Zagat Might Be a Smarter Purchase For Google– Google failed to purchase Yelp. So they are attempting the next best thing… an established rating site Zagat is now their recent acquistion. I’m going to guess they are going to convert that into a Yelp type site.

Google Plus vs. Facebook – The Gloves Are Off!– Which will be the new champion of social media? Google plus has millions of users in a short amount of time but how many are actually using it now? Will people abandon their Facebook accounts for the sake of Google plus? Can’t we all just get along?

 I like this video, and though it was mentioned in a link above, I’m including it as a bonus here.

What Is SEO? The 3 Minute Video – A great simple tutorial on the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



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