Below are a few interesting blogs across the web that you may have missed throughout the last couple of weeks.


GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions of Sites – This was rumored to be a plot schemed by a member of the hacker group Anonymous, but some stories indicate that this was actually just a GoDaddy internal server issue. Not sure I’d admit to that, but nevertheless the ramifications were the loss of site traffic and potential earnings for many businesses. GoDaddy officially released an apology email (I just received one for a personal site I run) and it states, “The service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.”

Organic vs. Paid Search – CTR – Yet another SEO vs. PPC battle… this time in relation to clickthrough rates (CTR).

Importance of Anchor Text – This article goes into the importance of natural-looking anchor text. It sheds some insight on nonbranded anchor text versus branded anchor text in your link profile.

Common Technical SEO Problems and How to Solve Them – A thorough article on good SEO technical fundamentals that may sometimes get overlooked. Some things it talks about is 302 redirects instead of 301 redirects, misconfigured servers, and more.

Speed Up Your Website for Better SEO – How to speed up your website loading for a boost in SEO. It’s also a known fact that faster websites convert visitors better as well.

SEO Myths that Stop You from Ranking in Google – 6 SEO myths are discussed on how they prevent your ranking efforts. Fairly practical advice.

Social Media

The Oatmeal – Facebook Likes – Humor website the Oatmeal gives a candid look on the objective and tactics of obtaining Facebook likes.

The Impact of Authoritative Links, Mentions, and Shares on Rankings – Our friends at SEOMOZ discuss the actual impact of social sharing metrics on SEO. The end message is creating products and content to earn authorative links. Maybe easier said than done.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Drive Conversions with Your Blog – This articles goes into how to reduce bounce rate, engage your audience, and drive conversions with your blog. Its not enough to get traffic; converting traffic is the key!

How to Convert with Social Media – A post showing a real social media case study of generating conversions through social media, but also gives tips on how to do this on a consistent basis.

Content Writing

Associated Egobait – This article goes into the psychology behind how to effectively create linkbaiting and social sharing marketing strategies in your content.

Why Content Marketing? Zombies, Bacon, Cats… – This is an entertaining article on why content marketing is so important and how it can help generate links, social shares, and ultimately, profits.

Apple and Google Top Two Brands – An interesting article that shows, according to Global Brands Analysis, the top brands in the industry online.


How to Coordinate SEO and PPC Campaigns – Diving into the concept of using PPC and SEO synergistically together in an effective Internet marketing campaign. Work in harmony.

Bing Ads – A thorough fact sheet of facts and stats about ads on Bing. Here’s an interesting fact for instance: searchers on Microsoft and Yahoo sites are likely to spend 21.5% more than the average web searcher, and 0.76% more than Google searchers in the U.S. (comScore Core Search, August 2011)

Web Development

WordPress vs. Drupal – This is a short and sweet article that dives into the differences between WordPress and Drupal.


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