Internet marketing news you may have missed the last couple of weeks.


Google Updates Algorithm For "Fresher" Results – Google has made an algorithmic change that is projected to affect 35% of searches. That’s a little over 1/3. The impact is foreseen to help gain more recent results on queries that pertain to breaking news and events. How will it impact businesses?

Search Engine Land’s Article Regarding Google Algorithm Change – Here’s another article pertaining to this recent development by Google.

Webmaster Tools Shows Duplicate Content Across Domains Latest development out of Google Webmaster Tools to show duplicate content across domains rather than just on one.

Yahoo Acquires Interclick – Don’t count Yahoo out; they  have just acquired a behavior-targeting company, Interclick, for $270 million. We may be hearing a lot more from Yahoo in the near future.

Google Looks To Buy Yahoo – Loss for words on this.

Google News Launches Standout Tag For Featured Content – Yet another Google update, the search giant lanches a standout tag for featured content in their news section.

Google Can Now Execute AJAX for Indexing – For the true techies…previously, search engines could not read information within javascripts including AJAX, a popular script used for dynamic applications including navigation and tabular changes. This has now changed and apparently Google is able to read this information.

Keywords Not Provided In Google Analytics Higher Than Expected – I don’t like to say I told you so but…yes, the data confirms it. More users are signed in than projected, and yes, more keyword data is hidden from users than anticipated.

Social Media

Justin Timberlake Will Have Office and Staff for Myspace Relaunch – This is not a joke. The former N*SYNC frontman, singer, and movie star (coincidentally including The Social Networkthe Facebook movie) is now going to be creatively involved with MySpace relaunch.

Adobe Purchases Auditude – What is Auditude? A video ad and monetization platform. This means Adobe is throwing its hat in the online marketing business, which came as a bit of a surprise. However, so many Adobe products are used in applications to build web products, so it is a natural connection.

Google Easter Eggs – Last week a Google trick went viral based on typing "Do a Barrel Roll" in Google which caused the screen to twist around. This is not the only trick released in recent years…see the fun tricks available in the past.

The War Between Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook– These Internet giant seem to be taking up the majority of web real estate these days. One way or another you are using at least one of these companies on a daily basis. This article is a great look at the business models of these companies and what it means to us.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing– This Infographic shows why inbound marketing is replacing the traditional methods of marketing.


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