We’ve switched offices so it’s been pretty busy (in a good way) around Best Rank’s new HQ. Here’s a short list of Internet marketing related articles you may have missed over the last couple of weeks.


Make Yourself Findable In Ecommerce – If you’re using Good Relations to mark up your website, this article delves into its benefits.

2012 Guide To Successful Holiday Marketing – Yes, the holidays are here! Or at least shopping for them. This post gives some great tips for marketers looking to expand during the holiday season.

Google Loses Australian Defamation Case – Google loses the Australian Defamation case!

If I Were An SEO Dude – A fun post from the female SEOs perspective, playfully poking fun at some of the more prominent members of the SEO community.

Is Google Measuring The Speed at Which We Read Documents? – Interesting point… does the speed at which we read have some impact on the user experience?

Social Media

5 Reasons Why I’m Not Giving Up On Google+ – There are some naysayers but here’s a believer in Google+.

How To Verify Your Website on Pinterest – Great tutorial on how to verify your website on the ever-growing Pinterest.


Yahoo and Bing Paid Search Growing Faster Than Google – An interesting study showing growth trends on Bing and Yahoo and how they are outdoing Google.

6 Ways To Improve Clickthrough Rate On Banner Ads – Some very helpful advice on improving the effectiveness on your banner ads.


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