Hey Internet marketeers! Here’s another recap of some goings-on in the Internet marketing world as of the last couple of weeks. 


Yahoo Sunsets Site Explorer: A Eulogy – Yes, it’s true; Yahoo! Site Explorer officially closed as of November 21st, 2011. SEOmoz author Michael King gives a great "eulogy" about the end of an era.

Matt Cutts SOPA Update – The people have spoken and Matt Cutts relays some results from the massive effort to get people to vote down the SOPA initiative.

Google Freshness Update: The Real Winners and Losers – Some data pertaining to the recent announcement by Google on their "Freshness" update and how it impacts specific types of websites.

What SEOs Should Know About IIS – Updates to Microsoft’s IIS servers may give SEO and Web marketers much needed flexibility to help their sites.

Google Sets Kill Dates For Seven Services Including Wave – Yes not everything turns to gold…Google is announcing some of their less than impressive products are now going to be discontinued or will change shape.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Infographic – Interesting data regarding online shoppers’ habits and the abandonment of a shopping cart. A good point for ecommerce businesses.

Google Honors Sci-Fi Author in One Of The Most Interactive Doodles Yet – In the U.S. we didn’t get to see this due to our Thanksgiving holiday. However, this Google doodle was really impressive. It’s a puzzle game, and quite frankly, a very clever one. Don’t tell my boss I completed it at work.



Holiday PPC, It’s Not Too Late! – Christmas is around the corner but it is not too late to beef up your PPC campaigns and take advantage of those last minute online shoppers.

Ad Copy Boost Review – Analyzing conversion rates by which position you have in the search engine.

Google AdWords Mortgage Scams – Scam artists using AdWords to scam people out of their money.


Social Media

Social Proof Why People LIke To Follow The Crowd – A great breakdown by guest writer Aileen Lee as to why social proof strategy shows effectiveness of social media.

Foursquare Checkins Visualized – A very pretty graphic showcasing where people travel and check-in to Foursquare.

YouTube Launches New Look With Deeper Facebook Integration – YouTube is getting a facelift and is embracing Facebook as well.

Top 10 Social Trust Factors – The key to effective social media marketing is trust; people will listen to you more if they feel they can trust what you’re saying.

Last but not least, and if you haven’t noticed this already, introducing the new Google Bar.


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