Hello Internet marketing fans! Recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday and scouring the web, I found these tasty tidbits you may have missed over the last few weeks.


Google Releases Panda Update – Be Prepared.

Snoopy Logo from DuckDuckGo – A relatively new search engine that’s getting a lot of buzz lately is DuckDuckGo, and they are paying homage with their doodles. This one to honor Peanuts’ creator Charles Schultz.

Should we Chase the Algorithm? – SEOmoz, as always, provides interesting content; this one delves into the question of whether or not SEOs should be overly concerned with catering to the algorithms of search engines.

Website Redesign: Get Some SEO Consultation Before You Launch – A huge tip of the hat to the generator of this article; I couldn’t agree more. It’s extremely important for web design professionals to consider SEO in their strategy.

Is Google Measuring The Speed at Which we Read Documents? – Interesting point… does the speed at which we read have some impact on the user experience?

Social Media

Many Facebook users are not happy that the social media platform claims to own their content.

Pinterest Launches Business Tools – The long awaited tools on Pinterest for business owners!

Facebook Owns Your Pictures – This is controversial; Facebook formally states that they have all rights to any pictures you upload on their platform.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using Psychology to Convert Customers – My undergrad degree is in psychology and this article touches upon the importance of understanding psychology to convert traffic to your website.


The New Formula for PPC – An interesting infographic that outlines the new approach for PPC.

Demystifying Quality Score With Brad Geddes – Brad Geddes gives a great lesson on what quality scores mean.

Content Writing

Putting the Strategy Back In Content Strategy – The bold Lisa Barone goes into strategizing your SEO Content.

Hints For Creating Content That Google Loves – Creating Google-friendly content is paramount.

Bonus Video: Here’s How NOT to Sell SEO

Originally found on Web Pro News, here’s a seemingly drunken man who was bitter over a potential (or former) client using a different agency. I found this pretty entertaining. Make sure you’ve got your audio working.


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