Happy Friday! Here’s another recap of some goings-on in the Internet marketing world as of the last couple of weeks.


Google vs. Bing Clickthrough Rates – Battle of epic proportions comparing Google and Bing in their clickthrough rates online.

Expanded Snippets and Instant Previews Costs and Benefits – The future of SERPs are within these rich snippet and instant preview features. Though relatively new, they can have a dramatic impact on the click through rate for SEO.

SEO Is The Single Most Important Marketing Channel – According to this article at Search Engine Land, SEO is deemed the single most important marketing channel for websites.

Introducing Google Analytics Core – Google announces updates on Google Anaytics core for all your data collecting needs.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Keywords Back – A GREAT article venting frustration with the "not provided" data imposed in Google analytics (which is now taking over as the top "keyword" percentage-wise for many websites).

The Simpsons Google Future – Combining two of my personal favorite things (The Simpsons and Internet Marketing), this article does a quick review of an episode of The Simpsons in which the future Google enslaves the world.



Paid Search Drives Offline Sales Compensation Model Flawed – A look at an online traffic vs. offline sales model; how does paid search correlate with offline sales?

Industry Trends: Efficient Media Buying – A Google-based article on efficient media buying techniques. Good read!


Social Media

Twitter Launches Brand Pages – Twitter launches their new brand pages and creates a new layout.

Twitter Launches Major Redesign – Another article about Twitter’s facelift.

Coke’s Un-Commercial Rewards Honesty– A wonderful social experiment by Coca-Cola Portugal showing the honesty in people and rewarding it.

Make LinkedIn Worth Your Networking Time – I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and this article just reinforces my opinion on the value of it.

Google+ Changes Everything– What Google+ is offering people can change the way social networks think about their products according to author Chris Broden.

Spearfishers vs. Netcasters – Acquire Customers in Social Age – This is a great analogy for marketers and the types of customers that are out there.

Hipstamatic Social Camera– A digital camera specifically geared for social media! What will they think of next?


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