Hey Internet marketing fans! Here are a few interesting blogs across the web that you may have missed throughout the last few weeks.


Bing It On – Bing vs. Google comparative results side by side. Great tool and excellent marketing tactic by Microsoft.

6 SEO Marketing Myths – SEO marketing myths that people still believe.

The Return of the Google Dance – I recall these days when Google results would do a Tango, Jitterbug, Funky Chicken, and occasionally the Roger Rabbit, causing frustration among us SEOs. Has it returned?

Google Upgrades Rich Snippet Testing Tool – Cool tweaks to the Rich Snippet Testing Tool by Google.

The Keywords News Meta Tag – The “keywords” meta tag is somewhat making a comeback with the introduction of the “news_meta” tag for Google News.

Punctuation and Symbols in Search – Interestingly, here’s Google’s take on symbols and punctuation marks in search queries. Sometimes they mean different things.

SEO 101 – Meet The White Hats, Grey Hats, Black Hats and Asshats – The title and the Dilbert cartoons on it alone made me laugh.

Bing Now Handpicks News Writers For Social Sidebar – Bing is placing its hat in the running for what Google has deemed Authorship.

Social Media

How To Establish Your Site Socially – Some interesting points about establishing your social brand; in particular for those in a “boring” industry.

Why I Got Fired From Facebook – Tremendous insight from an ex-Facebook employee and lesssons he learned from it.

FaceBoogle – Investors are taking a huge interest in Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for search.

Content Writing

How To Write Successful Call To Action – Valuable insight on how best to generate calls to action within your content on your blog.

Content Marketing Think Campaigns Not Just Links – Great advice from a YouMoz writer on effective techniques to think about your content marketing and engage your audience.

Why Big Content Is Worth The Risk – Great article about why we should focus on content versus “easy” or “cute” solutions such as Infographics.


Use Dynamic Audiences To Maximize Display Advertising – Dynamics in your audience can be used to help augment your display ads.

Digital Marketing Made Easier – Tag Manager – Google announced the tag manager, a new tool that should assist with Internet marketers.


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