Here are a few articles that sparked interest in the Internet marketing community over the last week.

SEO news and updates:

Google Puts The Smack Down – An irate webmaster attacked Google’s Panda update saying he had "quality content" and SEORoundtable posted the results from Google’s response. 

Bing April 2011 Updates – Bing is scheduled to make an update this month.  See how it may affect search results.

Google +1 And The Rise Of Social SEO – Google +1 is causing quite a stir and is stressing the importance of social media within SEO results. Interesting standpoint in this article.

Wildcard Search – Google has a lot of extra features and tools available within the search engine. This article discusses the "wildcard" feature.

Another Panda Update? – Panda is still making updates and some sites are feeling the impact.

Feds Ready To Approve Google Deal With Government – This may cause a bit of panic, but Google is also involved in government.


Social Media news and strategy suggestions:

Three Ways Brands Can Manage Risk On Social Media – Companys have to consider social media and their brand as it can be abused if not monitored properly.

Signs Your Social Media Strategy Is In Trouble – Danger! Danger!

What Would The Music Industry Be Like Without Napster? – A break from the normal marketing; how different the music industry might be without file-sharing sites.

Google Social Search Update – What is Social Search? Read this article.

3 Blogging Lessons From Leonardo Da Vinci – Da Vinci is even influencing blogs!

What’s Wrong With Foursquare – Critique on a fairly popular social media outlet.

Google Stolen Content – Google’s insight on the purpose of the Panda update and some of the potential drawbacks. Features a video by search guru Matt Cutts.

PPCrelated news.

Say Goodbye To Google AdWords Position Preference – Position preference is leaving AdWords.

AdWords And The New +1 – The new +1 by Google and how it relates to PPC.


Anyone using Blogger?  Google’s own blogging engine has made an update to their interface and available tools.  Check out the video presentation below:




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