March 25th, 2011

In Other News…Weekly Internet Marketing Recap – 3/21/2011 to 3/25/2011

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media

It seems that every week provides many new stories to keep us on our toes.  Here are a few of Best Rank’s favorite search marketing posts across the web this week. 



After Google’s Panda update a few weeks ago, the SEO industry has been busy testing sites and checking rankings to figure out the best way to react. Interesting posts pertaining to search engine optimization and respective SEO news & strategies…

Your Site Traffic Plummeted Since Google’s Farmer/Panda Update, Now What? – I, for one, am not going to look at Pandas or Farmers the same way. Search Engine Land has an interesting look at the Google Update and what we should do to cope.

Link Building Seminar Deemed "Remarkable" – The general concensus of a London conference talking about Link Love. I remember my first link love like it was yesterday…

Do You Know When Your Customers Participate The Most? – Know where your customers are interacting on the web.

SEO Is Not Cookie-Cutter – Amen to THAT! SEO is an ever-evolving strategy and this post explains why.

Yahoo Implements Direct Search Feature – Yes, Yahoo is still a search engine, and they are rolling out their "direct search" function, which emulates Google’s current functionality. Yahoo claims they’ve been working on this with Alloftheweb months prior to Google’s launch. See the beta here.



Quality Web Content Trumps Backlinks – Quality over quantity in terms of helping your website with SEO efforts.

Content Marketing: Analytics Drive Relevant Content – As expected after the infamous Panda update, Content Marketing is increasingly important. Marketing Sherpa focuses attention on the best practices for content.



News & strategies about social media marketing

Why You Should Have Celebrated Twitter’s Birthday – Twitter is 5 years old! I didn’t even buy a gift.

LinkedIn Hits 100 Million Users – Quite the accomplishment for this business-centered social networking site!

Bing Apologizes For Japan Quake Tweet – Apparently there were many angry Twitterers pertaining to Bing’s effort to spread the word…I suppose they felt it was self-fulfilling and not humanatarian.

Ways To Help Japan – Roughly 2 weeks after the terrible quake and tsunami ravaged Japan, this post outlines some ways we can contribute to the efforts to help rebuild the damage.



25 Things I Hate About Google – A bold RETRO post from an irate user in 2006. Are these still valid?



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