Here are a few articles that sparked interest in the Internet marketing community over the last week.


  • Panda 2.2 Update – The official CNN response to the new Panda update scheduled soon. The last update turned the SEO community upside-down, so this is generating quite a buzz. See a related post in SEO Roundtable here.
  • How To Supersize Your Google Listings – This article gives some suggestions on how to "beef up" your listings that appear on Google. Just be careful because the Almighty G may decide to take the "beef" down and make leaner (healthier?) listings.
  • Are Facebook Likes Part of Google’s Algorithm? – A very straight-forward answer to this question that has been in the search engine optmization and social media marketing community. SPOILER ALERT: The answer is "no, not directly".
  • Chromebook Makes It Into The Wild– So much for the non-proprietary approach…Google is releasing Chromebook; a strictly internet based laptop that boasts load times of just over 1 second. Google’s official page about the features is here. (By no means an endorsement, just interesting…)
  • SEO Client Reoccuring Issues – This article sums up my own personal SEO philosophy. Mainly, people have too much emphasis on the "tricks" and gimmicks surrounding search engine optimization and not enough on the heart and soul of it…make it friendly for PEOPLE.
  • Is SEO Getting Too Complex? – You be the judge!





Social Media

  • Les Paul Logo Costs World Millions – You know, I can’t stand articles like this to be honest…catchy headline but the data is sort of a shot in the dark. "productivity costs" can’t really be measured, especially versus the average person staring at a screen for 10 minutes versus messing around with the Google Doodle. But I digress… just an example of a great social media headline. It’s like saying "Apples Can Wound You!" and then making an article about the percentage of people who choke on apple bits. 🙂
  • Twitter Allows Personalized "Suggestion" List – This is mostly opinion, but is an interesting look at the direction of YouTube.
  • Celebrity Give Aways Means Massive Engagement – Twitter and celebrities are going hand-in-hand… capitalize on the mass engagement.
  • 15 Tips For Successful Facebook Program – Some good advice on how best to maximize your Facebook presense.
  • Last Minute Geeky Father’s Day Gifts – Some last minute Father’s Day ideas. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!



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