Some articles you may have missed! Here are a few articles that sparked interest in the Internet marketing community over the last few weeks. (Special thanks to my colleague Sam for helping with descriptions this post.)


Picking the Lock on Google’s Search – An answer Google doesn’t have. How lead generation companies charm and hoodwink Google’s algorithm and what google is doing to try and stop it.

Google Makes Big Changes To Product Search Feeds – As if being an e-commerce site isn’t difficult enough, they now have another hurdle to jump: Google. The new policies that Google is putting in front of all e-commerce sites and how it will effect them.

The Responsibilities of SEO Have Been Upgraded – SEO is no longer in its caveman stage. SEO’s ever-growing responsibilities and duties and its evolution since 1999.

Bing Users Are From Internet Explorer, Google Are From Firefox, Chrome, Safari – This is somewhat logical considering Bing and IE are both made by Microsoft. However, here is some interesting statistical data with the breakdown of how and why people use specific search engines based on their browser.

The God Complex In SEO – Personally, I considered myself a minor diety in SEO. This article makes a great point on how some SEO users may think they have everything figured out. Nothing is constant in SEO except change.

Google Analytics Changes Image Search Reporting – Previously image search was defined as a “referral” but it is now meshed into the organic listings. This move makes sense given the images are found organically based on keyword choices (albeit easier to manipulate).

In Search The Competition Isn’t Who You Think – This is something I’ve always stressed to clients. Often companies that are in their scope to target are not necessarily those they are competiting with in the rankings.



Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords – Keywords that work, but at what cost? The 20 keywords that help Google bring in the money.

3 Google Tools That Can Help Boost AdWords Campaign Performance – Here are a few helpful tricks provided by Google for bolstering your AdWords campaign.

Q&A With Online Marketing – Where Should I Start? – SEO vs. PPC. DING! Actually both are correct and a robust internet marketing campaign should include both. Three of their in house experts agree!


Social Media

160 Year-Old American Express Out-Innovates Google and Groupon – American Express and Facebook team up with businesses to bring great deals to all Amex Facebook users while sticking it to Google and Groupon.

Google, Twitter Flaunt Social Stats…It’s Like 2003 All Over Again – Goliath meet Goliath. Google and twitter roll out their social media stats and what it all means to us, the users.

Is Your Business Achieving Repeat Customer Growth?- What’s more important, the customer’s needs or their wants? Is there a way to change one into the other? Who truly knows, but this article does a great job with looking into these questions and how they affect businesses.

Is Microsoft Creating A New Social Search Engine?– Microsoft has a new tactic to keep up with Google. They plan to…you didn’t think I was just going to tell you? Read on to find out more.

@ Twitter Isn’t It Obvious? The Party Is Over – Interesting article talking about the downfall of twitter and how it’s been in the works by its founders for some time now.

Today On Google+: Changes promised this week, Gmail Integration Promised and Cartoons– A series of articles on the evolution of Google+.

10 Animals With More Social Media Fans Than Major Media Outlets– These animals are more popular than you, but don’t worry; they’re also more popular than these guys.

Google+ “Pages” Coming For Businesses– Are you an Apple or Microsoft fanboy? Google+ makes sure you can now share your unwavering love for your company or brand of choice. (Finally!)

Confirmed: Google Showing Google+1 Counts To Logged Out Users– A look at how Google is trying to get people to use Google+ by showing them what they are missing out on.

What will Google Plus Google Places Equal?– Google+ is going Places. An interesting look at how Google+ will use Google Places to change the way we work and play.

Internet Explorer Users IQ Story Bogus– Apparently there was a (fake) study that on average users of IE had a lower IQ than those of the other major browser users. Turns out this was a hoax. However if you were up in arms because you believed using browser data is a basis for IQ, then well…


Content Writing

Create Content That Hasn’t Been Twice Baked – Research and reading will help you create unique content, and place yourself as an authority on that subject.

Bing’s View On Quality Content – The factors that Bing looks at when determining what is deemed quality content.

A Few Lessons Learned At The Content Farm – Down at the ol’ content farm, this author picked up some tips and information from the other side of the fence.


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