More articles you may have missed! Here are a few interesting posts that sparked interest in the Internet marketing community over the last couple weeks.


Google Plus In SERPs? – Google plus results are now in SERPs? Does this mean your "public" info is shared with EVERYONE or just to your circles?

Underscores and Dashes Still Treated Differently To Bing and Google – The more things change, the more they remain the same. Underscores and dashes are still different, so chose your URLs carefully when starting a website.

Google Introduces Wiki Like Map Maker Guides – Online cartography… Map makers are becoming more interactive through Google.

Google News Archive Gone Forever? – Google had a news archive that many readers were tapping into but now this is no longer available. Is this temporary or for good?

Beat Google Panda – SEOmoz has a quick list of do’s and don’ts to beat the fierce Panda update.

Google Gets A Space Consuming Facelift – Google is getting increasingly more complicated. If you have a well-known site, your brand will yield HUGE results on the first page. Sitelinks are now "siteparagraphs."

Pundits Pounce On Google / Motorola Deal – Google is in the middle of completing a BIG deal with Motorola and many experts are saying this is a defensive strategy based on some of their mistakes. Google will also be competing with their own partners.



Managing Client PPC Expectations – Half the battle is not how quickly or effectively you do it, but what the client is expecting you to do.

PPCHero Interviews Michelle Morgan – Interview with a well-known internet marketer, Michelle Morgan.


Social Media

Google Plus An Evolution In Social, A Revolution In Permission – A huge fan of Google Plus outlines what makes it great.

Facebook Launches Messenger App To Compete In Mobile Messenging Space – Facebook is diving in the frey of mobile messenging with their new phone app.

Groupon Doomed By Too Much Growth– An interesting look at Groupon’s business model. An interesting point presented is that one should focus on profits FIRST before growth.

Why Social Media Is Like High School– Totally!

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website Right Now – Some great tips on how you can make your site better, right now!

Today On Google+: Changes promised this week, Gmail Integration Promised and Cartoons– A series of articles on the evolution of Google+.

5 Simple Font Changes To Boost Reader Comments and Shares– Even something simple as the font size or color can make a difference in your viewership.

6 Useful Resources For Designers- Some great resources for web designers.


Content Writing

SEO Copywriting Tips For Multiple Keywords On A Page – SEO copy is tricky and knowing how to effectively integrate multiple keywords on one page is the key to good SEO copy.


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