Instafeet Review – How To Make Money From a Legit & Safe Platform

Instafeet Review

The world we live in is definitely amazing.

If you have not heard before, there’s an absolutely unique way of earning money that requires almost no work at all. 

Earning money by selling feet pictures has taken the world by surprise in the last few years.

Many girls have taken advantage of this unique opportunity and made tons of money. 

One of the most popular platforms for earning money by selling feet pics is Instafeet. 

In today’s guide, we will do a complete Instafeet review. We will tell you everything you wanted to know about making a side income. You will be fully equipped to learn how to sell feet pics. 

We will also demonstrate how Instafeet works, whether it’s safe and legit and how you can make a ton of money using it. 

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal? 

First things first, you might be wondering if selling feet pics is even legal. And the answer to that question is definitely YES. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with selling feet pics. It doesn’t represent any pornographic material; quite contrary, anything that even remotely resembles that is not allowed. 

Selling feet pics is like a form of modeling; but instead of you taking pictures of your face or body, you are focused on your feet. 

What Is Instafeet? 

Instafeet is one of the leading platforms for buying and selling feet pictures. It is a subscription based service, where you can buy and sell photos of your feet. 

When you sign up to sell your feet pictures, people can subscribe to your account and have access to the content you are posting. 

You can only post pictures of your feet; nothing else is allowed. Instafeet is also a private platform, and content is available only to people who have subscribed to it. 

How Instafeet Works? 

To be a user of Instafeet, you need to be at least 18 years old. 

Applying to be a seller on the platform doesn’t cost anything, and the only requirement is for you to submit your valid photo ID for verification. 

Be aware that not everyone who signs up gets approved. Instafeet has a set of rules and criteria that they base their selection on. 

How To Make Money On Instafeet? 

Once you get approved on Instafeet, you are able to start making money on it. 

As mentioned earlier, Instafeet is a subscription based service, so how much money you will be able to make will depend on how many people subscribe to you. 

To have more subscribers, Instafeet suggests you make your subscription available at a lower cost. Most people have a subscription set at $10, and that is definitely a good start. 

Also, you should consistently be focused on uploading new content so you keep your subscribers engaged. 

How Much Money Can You Make? 

Top earners on Instafeet can make over $500 a day. That’s quite a decent pay day.

Obviously, getting started you won’t be able to make that kind of money, but it should still be a decent side income. 

Since registration on Instafeet is free, they will be taking a 10% commission on every subscriber you have so make sure you account that in.  

Showing your face on Instafeet can lead you to making more money, according to some girls.

However, this is not a necessity. Whether you want to show your face or not is totally up to you. 

Instafeet also recommends you to show your face. According to them, it will lead to more subscribers. 

That does make sense; people feel more connected when they know how a person looks. 

You might be worried that showing your face will lead to creepers and stalkers; but keep in mind that the only people who have access to it are people who actually subscribe. 

What Is a Reasonable Price For Feet Pics?

Successful girls charge anywhere between $5 and $100 per picture. From our own research, we would say an average price is around $30 per picture.

Who Buys Feet Pics? 

That’s a terrific question. There is a wide variety of groups of people who purchase feet pics. 

These are either representatives of stock photography websites, artists, foot model agencies, news agencies. 

Last but not least, feet lovers! 

The last might make you more cautious and less of a fan of using the service, since these people have a sexual interest or simply a fetish for feet. 

This is not uncommon, however, and shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. 

There are a bunch of celebrities who have openly admitted that they have a feet fetish and would gladly pay to see other people’s feet. 

Is Instafeet Safe & Legit? 

As we mentioned, Instafeet is a private social platform that doesn’t allow everyone to join. Only you and your subscribers have access to your feet pictures and profile. 

Also, people searching your name on the Internet won’t be able to see your profile, or even know you have a profile that you are using to sell feet pictures. 

This is a major concern for a lot of people because they are afraid that it can ruin their professional careers. 

Also, Instafeet has many policies in place that keeps your photos safe and only accessible on the Instafeet platform. 

Of course, not any platform is 100% safe and secure, so always be cautious. 

Instafeet Reviews

What you always need to do before you start using a service like Instafeet is to check its reviews online. 

As you are able to find, there are literally thousands of positive reviews from users that are or were on the platform at one point. 

However, you can also find some reviews of girls who say they weren’t able to make as much money, since the marketplace is still relatively new. 

Obviously, your success on the platform will vary, but the legitimacy and safety of the platform is not in question. 

Final Thoughts

Okay, so we are coming to the end of this article. I hope you now have enough information in regards to Instafeet platform, and the general business of selling feet pics. 

As you are able to see, it’s definitely possible to make money through this platform, so if you are keen on doing it, make sure you sign up and give it a try.