Below is a brief recap of some of the Internet marketing news across the web you may have missed over the last couple weeks.


4 Eternal Truths About SEO – And the truth shall set you free.

Google Home Page Spam – Google, once considered to be anti-bad-guy and anti-spam, seems to be a huge practitionier of peddling it’s own products. Barry Schwartz does an analysis.

Social Shares The New Link Building – This is actually not really new news, but it’s a good take on why social factors are likely to be a more heavily considered factor than traditional link building.

Google Sends New Link Warnings, Then Says Ignore Them – Not as cut and dry as that, but basically, they sent hundreds of people into a frenzy and then stated to “ignore” those warnings.

Google Webmaster Tools Allows Download By Date – Cool new feature from Google’s Webmaster Tools that allows backlinks to be downloaded by date. Very useful!

The No-Nos Of Microblogging For Your Business – Some big don’ts on microblogging for your business… don’t do these!

Image Optimization – An often overlooked aspect of SEO, this author goes into detail about how best to optimize images for SEO.

Google Related People – If you’re seen as an expert in your respective field, you may appear in related search queries.

Google Index Secrets Revealed! – Webmaster tools features a “health” feature to show the pages that are currently being indexed. Great feature!

Social Media

Google Acquires Wildfire – Wildfire, provider of social marketing software, has now been acquired by Google. Interesting quandry that the success of this venture could be contingient on the success of their “competitors” Facebook and Twitter.

Zuckerberg Drops Out Of Top 10 Tech Billionnaires – I’m not weeping for him by any stretch of the imagination, but it is interesting to see this “fall” in relation to Facebook’s stock debacle.

Apple and Google Top Two Brands – An interesting article that shows, according to Global Brands Analysis, the top brands in the industry online.


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