Before we get into how Vsnap can add a fresh new perspective to your online marketing strategy, let’s define what it is.

What is Vsnap?

Vsnap is basically a video messaging platform that allows users to create and share a one-minute video quickly and easily. According to Vsnap’s website, recipients of your Vsnap videos “don’t have to download or register, and they can watch them on any browser.” After creating a short Vsnap video, you can share your video link via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter to any recipient using Vsnap’s website or free mobile applications.

The main concept behind Vsnap is to provide salespeople and marketing professionals with a way to add a more human element to their marketing messages, particularly those delivered online, where face-to-face communication is usually not possible. The idea is that people will prefer to receive a Vsnap message rather than a text, email, or other type of marketing message because it feels more personal.

Marketing Implications

While the world of Internet marketing becomes more and more about social interactions and message sharing, the fact remains that old online advertising standbys like email marketing and banner advertising provide little in the way of direct customer engagement. As Vsnap CEO and co-founder Dave McLaughlin mentions, “Vsnap gives people in sales and support an easy way to bring warmth into your client interactions.” According to McLaughlin, it is this added warmth and message personalization that causes Vsnap recipients to be 40% more likely to take action than recipients of standard email messages.

One of the best things about Vsnap is that the service is specifically designed to be used by sales and marketing teams as a way to add a personal touch to customer engagement. With this in mind, Vsnap has created a host of useful marketing features to accompany their video tool, including:

  • Seamless integration with iOS and Android platforms
  • Various subscription and pricing levels
  • Multiple delivery channels (email, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • White label, email, and player branding capabilities
  • In-depth, real-time analytics and reporting

The video and analytic capabilities of Vsnap are particularly useful for marketers. Depending on the service level chosen, marketers can access video analytics and reporting data that includes total views, shares, and even sentiment metrics. It is also possible to deliver accompanying documents and files with Vsnap video messages such as coupon downloads and PDFs, providing a comprehensive marketing package to deliver to current and potential customers.

From a direct marketing standpoint, the benefits of using Vsnap are pretty obvious: quick, convenient face-to-face communication with potential customers, clients, or partners in a more personal and engaging way. In terms of SEO benefits, Vsnap also has the potential to be a useful link building tool as mentioned by Michael King on last month. As King points out in his video, Vsnap has the ability to be an effective relationship-building tool in the search for high-quality, relevant backlinks. “Start with checking out somebody’s site and having a conversation. Send a short video to them.” says King. Especially now that link building is actually link earning and is dependent upon real human relationships, Vsnap allows guest bloggers to go the extra mile to earn a great backlink.

For online marketers and salespeople, Vsnap should definitely be on the list of online tools to try out. It can provide a uniquely personal touch that is so often missing from the anonymous, impersonal feel of today’s online marketing landscape.


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