Well, technically it was here already–but it’s official now! If you’re an avid blogger, and actually went through the steps to get your picture attached to your posts in Google, you may have received an email today welcoming you to Google Authorship. I received my welcome email this morning (around 3:29 a.m.–apparently they never sleep at Google).

The email provides a sample of what your authorship information will look like when it appears in the SERPs. This also gives a link to see the rich snippet “live.” Below is the email I received.

Google Authoriship

When I click the “your pages” link I see a list of articles/blogs that I am currently the said author of, along with the rich snippet authorship information and a slick pseudo-smooth picture of me on the right.

Google Authorship

When I’m logged in to Google services, more information associated with my gmail account is revealed that only I can see.

I also believe Google fixed the “bug” we found associated with authorship. Previously, my mug was showing for posts by nearly anyone here at Best Rank, not just my own. While I’d love to take credit for my colleagues’ awesome posts, this appeared to be a glitch with authorship information. Or as my colleague and Best Rank’s CTO, Mike Shannon, pointed out, it could have been that my name alphabetically appears on a templated segment of our blog, and therefore it became the default. However, now when I do a search for my colleagues’ name in Google, their pictures appear when associated with their related posts.

Rich snippets and authorship information have been in place over the past year, and Google, Bing, and other search engines are promoting the use of authorship to gain trust.  This likely has an impact on SEO and rankings, and will become increasingly important in the authority of links and trust associated with websites. If you are contributor to a blog or other online writing venue and you have not established yourself with authorship information, I highly suggest doing so right away.


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