Key Questions To Ask A New Packaging Provider

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For many businesses throughout the UK, product packaging is a significant component of the cost of its items and a major contributor towards sales and brand recognition. 

As a result, choosing the right packaging solution is important. If you’re a business leader, and you’re eager to enhance your business or reduce your costs, you might want to think about finding a new supplier for your packaging. 

Cost is a key factor when looking for a packaging provider. After all, Packaging prices have risen throughout 2022 and look set to continue to increase throughout the coming months. As such, you need to make sure that you’re reviewing the best options on the market and getting value for your money. 

However, the cost isn’t the only factor when it comes to choosing the right packaging for your products. Value comes from quality and also from convenience, so you need to find a packaging supplier that will offer you the customer service and options that your business needs. 

These are some of the key questions you need to ask any new packaging provider before you place your first order. 

Is There A Minimum/ Maximum Order?

Most packaging suppliers will have a minimum order, as they work with B2B companies and will have a specific amount they can send out. However, some smaller companies might also have a maximum order, as this will mean that they will be at capacity and unable to get the supplies and resources they need in time to fulfil your requirements. So, you should ask for the minimum and maximum orders to ensure that you find a packaging supplier that can fulfil the orders you need and scale up if required. 

How Sustainable Are Your Products?

Choosing eco-friendly packaging options can help you to appeal to a wider range of customers and highlight your company’s sustainability credentials. While plastic might seem like a robust and reliable option, it’s not particularly good for the environment. If you want a product that gives you the same look and feel as plastic, but is made from eco-friendly polythene, explore the range of recycled polythene packaging on the market. One of the country’s leading providers of sustainable packaging, Polythene UK, offers an extensive array of designs and packaging types, including bags, shrink-wrap and more. So, you should check out all the options to find a sustainable product that meets your needs. 

Do You Offer Personalisation And Branding?

Branding and personalisation for your packaging can set your items apart and give you the edge over your competitors. As such, you need to find a packaging supplier that will give you a chance to add your branding and customise your packaging to suit your needs. Some cheaper or smaller providers might not offer this option and only provide generic packaging. While you can customise this yourself by adding branded labels, it’s often more convenient for large businesses to find a provider with fully-customisable packaging options. 

What Are Your Lead Times? 

Lead times is a term used throughout the corporate landscape to describe how long a task takes to complete in full, from beginning to end. For packaging orders, this refers to how long the order will take to complete and deliver. The shorter the lead time, the quicker you can start using your packaging and ship your products to customers. However, very short lead times could mean that the packaging isn’t high-quality, particularly if you’re customising it. So, review the lead times to find a provider who will offer you the best possible option.