Conveying trustworthiness to your website visitors is essential. Before a new visitor reads one word of your website that person will have made a snap judgment as to whether or not they trust your site. This momentary first step, taking a matter of milliseconds, sets the stage for whether or not your site may record a new conversion.

Let this sink in: A judgment call about you, your company, and your product(s) will determine whether or not a new visitor moves through your conversion pipeline.

Building Trust

Conveying your company’s trustworthiness requires a professional-looking website design. The first step in the processes is critically analyzing whether or not your site fits this mold. This means examining the look of your site and determining if it has a simple and organized page layout, an identifiable logo, high-resolution graphics/images, and an easy-to-use navigation. Once you’ve identified problem areas, consult with your web development team and give your site a facelift.

The Value of a Trustworthy Site

Increasing sales, lead generation, contacts, downloads, etc. stems from user trust. This portion of the equation (appearance of your site) is just as important as optimizing the steps in your conversion funnels.

Consumer trust is why businesses spend so much money on commercial real estate, office décor, storefront displays, and countless other small details when setting up an office or retail location. This is considered common knowledge across all industries yet isn’t always carried over to the online storefront. Always make sure you’re approaching your website with the same attention to detail.

Steps After Building Initial Trust

After creating a trusted site it is important to further optimize and test your primary landing pages. After doing a lot of hard work to update your site, the last thing you want is potential customers to not have enough product/service information, have a hard time contacting you, or struggle to purchase a product. This is where the buzz word ‘call to action’ becomes significant as part of your landing page optimization plan. I’ll cover this during my next blog post.


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