Legal Shield Reviews – Is Legal Shield a Pyramid Scheme?

Legal Shield Reviews

There are many ways to pursue people to give a gig platform a try.

However, the whole effort becomes much more problematic if you add the word multi-level marketing to the mix.

And, that is the exact reason why most people believe that Legal Shield is a pyramid scheme.

Luckily, that is far from the truth.

In reality, Legal Shield is a legit company.

It has a dozen employees and has been around for more than half a century.

Yet, there are various problems with understanding how to make money with the company.

You might be better of focusing on other avenues, like finding jobs that pay $20/h or more, or creating offline businesses like flipping furniture or flipping cars.

You want a specific methodology to make it work for you.

What Is Legal Shield?

Legal Shield is a multi-level marketing company that operates in the law industry.

It has its product that you help to push and sell to the market.

Within the organization, there are various levels you can reach and earn more.

However, Legal Shield is much different than doing surveys or working at a call center.

It takes actual hustle to make Legal Shield work for you and bring you income.

If you have an outgoing and active personality, you can make it work.

The problem most people encounter is that they lack these elementary traits.

When they think about a side hustle or a gig job, they have a different idea in mind.

They want a job position that has a system they can participate in and earn.

Legal Shield is much different since it resembles a traditional job in sales.

There is a two-part product.

First, there is an elementary package new employees have to buy.

Then, there are law services you additionally sell.

Most of the time, you work on selling the Legal Shield package and bringing in new employees.

That may raise suspicion to many people.

These people may argue that the structure of the company implies that the company is not legit.

However, the company has been on the market for more than 50 years. 

Who Owns Legal Shield?

The inception of Legal Shield goes back to 1969.

Back then, the founder Harland Stonechiper founded it as a sport’s club.

He had an idea of bringing affordable legal care to the people.

In 1976, the company came out publicly as Prepaid Legal Services.

A more than a decade later, in 1983, the company took on the MLM model.

In 2011, the MidOcean Partners bought the company and made it into Legal Shield.

From that point, Legal Shield came out with new services and products. They are going strong up to this day with a solid base of clients and employees. While there are various reviews online, the company remains on the market growth.

Yet, none of that helps the people looking for a new job.

They want to know how the business works from the employee side. 

How Does Legal Shield Work?

Applying for a job at Legal Shield is much easier than applying for most jobs.

You send in the resume and buy their package.

There are two subscriptions, one for monthly and one for annual payers.

Once you pay for the Legal Shield package, you are part of the company.

That is where most people call Legal Shield a scam.

They are unable to fathom how you can pay to participate in business if you should earn?

Well, that is how Legal Shield differs from most businesses.

Yes, you have to pay upfront to participate in the program.

But, once you buy the program, you go out and recruit more people.

The more people you recruit and the more products you sell, the more money you earn.

It may seem like a counter-intuitive thing to do. But, it is what you do at a sales job.

There are seminars, workgroups, and even retreats to visit. You can go and network with other employees and learn how to sell more.

The more you participate in the community, the more you learn and progress as an employee. From that point, you work on building your network.

You earn a commission for each sale and recruitment your network makes.

Thus, the commission compounds the more people you have in your network.

The goal is to reach a point where you can have a passive income from others in your network.

To get to that point, you need to work on building up your network.

While it seems like you are walking in circles, that is the point of MLM.

You have two products.

For both, you need a network to earn. If you know how to persuade people, then it is a win-win situation. 

Is Legal Shield Worth the Money?

Legal Shield is worth the money if you have the personality to make it work.

If you are a person that wants a stable job with a regular income, pass the opportunity.

If that is the case, it means that you are paying around 300$ upfront for nothing.

With that investment and elementary guidelines, you remain stuck in the same position.

You have to go out and bring in the recruits.

Thus, you want a different framework and approach to your initial investment.

However, if you are ready to market and get around, it is a different story.

The core of a job is to meet new people and convince them to make money with you.

So, if you have an outgoing, friendly personality, you can make money.

The best solution is to have a few friends ready and purchase the package with them.

Then, you can push each other to find recruits.

If you help each other to build a network, you can do it much faster.

Thus, you can reach the goal much faster than doing everything alone. To make it work, make sure you have a personality for the job. 

The Truth About Legal Shield?

The truth about Legal Shield is that most people lack the skills to succeed.

They have a gig mentality, and they want a stable income.

Legal Shield is an entirely different thing. It takes hustle and a personality to make money with this company.

Make sure to have either a plan or personality. Then, give it your all, and generate income from this opportunity.