Liveops Review – A Scam Or a Legit Money Making Opportunity?

Liveops review

There is an ocean of job ads with the same offer. It is always about finding an additional job to supplement your income.

The idea behind the offer is to get a job that is like a side-hustle. Easy to perform with safe earnings and month-to-month payments.

Among those offers, there are many scams. But one offer that stands out is the Liveops offer.

It is a fast way to earn money working part-time without specific skills or experience.

Before you go out to sign up for a position, there is something to debunk first.

Liveops Company

The question that stops most users from applying for the job is the so-called lack of trustworthiness.

We have seen this with other companies as well, so we did other reviews like: review


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And it’s the same thing with Liveops. People often wonder, is Liveops legit?

Yes, Liveops is a legit company with more than 200 employees in the US.

It has been around for a long time and has a dozen departments that hire.

You can work in call centers, sales, technical help, and event management.

The thing here is to know what to look for when applying for the job. And even before that, to learn what Liveops is as a company.

What Is Liveops?

Liveops is a US-based company founded around 2000.

It is one of the pioneers in virtual services, operating a virtual call center at the dawn of the internet age.

From the mere 20 employees, Liveops has over 200 employees today all over the US.

Also, they have a stable base of clients, and some have been with Liveops for more than a decade.

Some estimates record that they have around 2 billion of revenue per year.

Of course, these financial projections mean less to a soon-to-be employee of the company.

Then, you want to know more about your new role and what the company looks like from that position.

Available Positions

Currently, there are various positions you may apply for at Liveops. Some of them are:

  • General customer service
  • Roadside assistance
  • Technical support
  • Sales
  • Insurance

So, there are various jobs at Liveops. Often, you start as a general customer service employee.

After a testing period, you may move to another role that suits your abilities and personality.

For example, you may take an aptitude and personality test to move to sales.

Sales are excellent for proactive individuals that have a hustle mentality.

However, you may be a person that knows much about hardware.

Then, moving to technical support may be your thing.

As a person that knows much about machines or computers, you can shine as a technical support specialist.

In both cases, you need to go through a test period.

Once your managers are okay with your skills and work, you get a full-time position.

Then, you get better pay, advantages, and perks, and a chance to move up in ranks.

Yet, reading the reviews feels like that is not what is happening for most employees.   

Working For Liveops – Employee Reviews

Is Liveops a legit company? Yes, it is.

Does Liveops look like a legit company looking at reviews? Well, that is up to discussion.

The truth is that even a median mark is 3.8 out of 5 on Glassdoors.

Still, some users claim that those worst reviews are detrimental to their choice of a future employer.

If that is how you read reviews, then there is little to no hope of winning you over.

These reviews are left by competitors and ex-employees.

Of course, some people genuinely dislike the work at the company. But, they are a small portion of people compared to positive reviews and current employees.

So, you can give it a try. At least, it is simple to become a Liveops agent. 

How To Become a Liveops Agent?

Becoming a Liveops agent is a straightforward process.

You go to their job boards, apply and let them contact you.

After that, you receive a message telling you whether you got the job.

The problem with the Liveops agent application is that there is a thorough background check process.

Some people want to avoid that sort of screening. But, if that is not the problem for you, then apply for the job.  

Application Process

To apply for the job at Liveops, go to their job board.

Most of the time, you visit their website and find the job board.

There are available jobs you can click on to read the job description.

Once you are there, submit your data, and that is all you have to do.

Now, once the employers notice your documentation, they call you to do a background check.

The background check is rather thorough.

But, they are quick to do the background check and then proceed to employ you.

Often, you receive an email or a call to learn that you got the job. From then on, you assume your position and start working. 

Background Check

The problem with the background check is that you have to disclose a lot of personal information. Liveops want to acquire about your:

  • Credit records
  • Financial records
  • Criminal record
  • Resident status
  • Previous employment

In short, they do a thorough check about the people they employ. They avoid hiring people with critical debt, criminal records, or low credit scores.

It is a form of protection against low-quality workers to avoid problems with their clients.

As a Liveops employee, you have to handle sensitive information. Thus, Liveops has to reduce any chance of hiring faulty employees.

If you manage to go through the check, you can start your new job.  

Getting the Job

After the process, you start at a freelance position.

You work from home and you need a proper computer with a decent internet connection.

You need a quiet working space, and you are set.

As for pay, Liveops pay 0.25$ per call minute.

That means that a full call hour awards you a 15$.

That means that you could earn 15$ if you had called for a whole hour.

Of course, that is far from possible.

So, you can look at earning less money than you would at a job with an hourly rate of 15$.

However, the Liveops agent job is perfect if you combine it with other gigs for maximal income.

Then, you can work those gigs and answer the call at the same time to maximize your profits.

Aside from that, you have a regular work time of 8 hours. And, you can take on more hours if you want. That sums up the job of an agent at Liveops.

So, Is Liveops Legit or a Total Scam?

Liveops is not a scam.

It is a legitimate gig that can grow into an actual career at the company.

It is an excellent choice when you want to supplement your income and work at home.

Also, if you have other gigs, you can combine all of them for the best results.

Liveops is a legit company, and a legit way to increase your income. Give it a try.