Looking to find keywords that will drive traffic to your site? How about keywords that convert? Here are several tools that I use when looking to find keywords that matter in terms of traffic and conversions:

  • Quintura is a nice visual keyword tool that shows keywords and their related terms in a 2D visual graph. Punch in a term or phrase and get back semantically related words that can be mixed and matched, a pretty good way to help brain storm and find words that you might not otherwise think of.
  • Google’s Adwords Keyword External tool will show relative search volumes and advertiser competition between keyword phrases. This can be a good way to gauge weather or not one term is popular when compared to other keywords that you already know are popular by using other search tools.
  • Microsoft offers a search funnel tool that shows incoming and outgoing keyword funnels. Incoming funnels are keywords people searched BEFORE they searched your keywords, while outgoing funnels are keywords people search AFTER they search your keywords. Another way to see how people think when searching broad keyword topics.
  • Use Google’s allintitle command to find web pages that contains words from your search in the title tags. This is good for a few reasons: you can find pages that are actively optimizing for your keywords and see what other keywords they are using in their title tags, meta tags and page copy.
  • Run a back link analysis to see what keywords a site uses in it’s link anchor text, this can be another good way to see what people actually target on the SEO campaigns.

You may also want to check out this article on how to find keywords from wordtracker’s website, written by Aaron Wall.


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G.Suvorov • 11 years ago


For keywords research I can recommend you seodigger.com, just trace your competitors

keywords and positions in SERP, they’ve done all the work allready :-).

and it’s free.


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