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Michael Keating, Marketing Executive at Main Path Marketing, shared a wealth of information on both Business.com and Smart Business this past week. His article Falling Amongst the Stars: Tips for Improving Your Yelp Ratings provided a look into the impact a simple one star rating increase on Yelp can make.  Knowing the mere basics of Yelp and slight tweaks to a business’s profile may not only benefit their marketing efforts, but also their revenue and ultimately the success of the business.

With the freelance movement growing and not seeming to slow down, it is increasingly important as a business owner and a marketing company to know how to manage company culture with freelancers. In Keating’s article How to Manage Company Culture with Freelance Workers, he mentions the importance of incorporating the core business values into the freelancer’s work ethic as well. Now more than ever, freelancers are even more valuable to a company and need to be treated with the same team mentality.


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