How To Make Some Extra Cash With Little Effort

Make Some Extra Cash With Little Effort

They say that money makes the world go round, and that statement is certainly true for the most part.

It does not matter whether you are working two part time jobs and run a household or you are a wealthy titan of industry, we can all use a little extra money every now and then.

Sometimes you need enough money for a luxury holiday, and others you just want enough for that item just slightly out of your budget.

Whichever it is, you could find yourself benefitting from earning a bit more cash.

The most obvious way to receive some extra income is by working more hours or taking up another position.

Unfortunately, our day jobs don’t always allow us the time or the energy to do this.

The extra money would be nice, but we do need to keep hold of our day jobs. So, what are the alternatives?

In this article, we’ll look at a few legitimate ways that you can earn some extra profit without expending a whole lot of effort.

Sell Some Stuff

Let’s start with the easiest option.

It might be hard to get rid of some of your personal possessions, but sometimes the ends justify the means.

There is no doubt that there are few things lying around your house or up in your attic that you can’t remember ever using.

You may have put a sentimental value on some of this stuff, but the rest can probably serve someone else’s needs very well.

Whether you host a yard sale or set up a website, it doesn’t take long to shift some of your unwanted goods for a little extra cash.

There are even specific websites out there dedicated to making a profit for people with stuff to sell. You can even leverage Facebook marketplace to sell your stuff.

Because of its popularity, we have created a post featuring best selling items on Facebook marketplace.

So, what are you waiting for?

Write An Online Blog

It seems that the world and its wife has an opinion on every aspect of our lives nowadays, and the internet has provided the perfect platform to make these voices heard.

Some of these ideas and thoughts are savoury, others are not.

No matter the thought, someone else out there is bound to agree with it on some level.

It would probably be accurate to assume that you also have a few ideas on certain things in life.

Or, perhaps you have some much sought after wisdom that you want to share?

Setting up a blog takes seconds, and you could be uploading pages of your thoughts in no time.

There is an audience for everyone and everything on the web, and getting enough people to read your content can bring paying advertisers to your door.

Again, personal blogs don’t rake in the money but they can be fun.

Who doesn’t want to earn a bit of money while participating in one of their pastimes?

Social Media

It seems that there is no escaping the might of social media in the modern age.

Whether it’s a funny dance on Tik Tok or a celebrity faux pas on Instagram, everyone has the ability to find and talk about it in no time.

That is because of the fast speed and connectivity that social media sites, like Facebook, provide.

With that in mind, you could be using this level of connectivity to your advantage, and make some extra money in the process.

There are so many different platforms online that allow you to teach, entertain or just show off your skills if you feel like it.

These channels only take a small amount of commitment and can deliver some big rewards.

On the other hand, you may find that you aren’t comfortable being in the spotlight yourself.

That doesn’t matter.

You can always use social media to your advantage by agreeing to manage somebody else’s profiles.

These clients will pay you to boost their online image and deal with any issues that come from being on the world stage.

Again, this role requires minimal commitment, but the more time you invest, the more successful you can become. 

On the subject of investments, let’s look at one of the more prolific methods of earning some extra money.


The money savvy people out there will already know how lucrative a smart investment can be.

An investment is a sum of money that you put forward into a business for a share of the profits.

These profits will be based on the initial amount that you invest.

Of course, the money that you receive in return is also largely based on how successful the business becomes.

You can get involved and assist in the businesses growth, or sit on the side-lines as a silent partner.

Either way, there is a slice of profit in it for you if the business does well.

What’s more, you can sell your shares on if you wish to make a profit, or get rid of failing stock.

Investing takes a bit of research and foreknowledge to be highly lucrative, but a bit of extra money from a side investment is not to be sniffed at.

Speaking of which?


One strong possibility for investment is in the cryptocurrency market.

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that you can use to buy items or pay for services.

This currency is tracked by a strand of code that is unique to the buyer.

This code ensures that the money is secure until you use it or sell it on. 

Cryptocurrency is bought with real money. Its value is tied to the company that created it and its worth on the stock market. If the creators stock is high, then your cryptocurrencies value is going to be worth more than it was when you bought it.

If it falls then you could be in trouble.

That is why you are better off being prudent and only investing in the best bitcoin wallets, rather than throwing your money at any currency.

It takes time to get the hang of, but learning how the cryptocurrency market works can provide you with a little extra income when the time comes.

Mystery Shopping

There are bound to be times where you go out to eat or have a take-away.

Sometimes the thought of cooking just seems like too much effort.

You’ll be happy to know that there are ways to receive free meals when you become a mystery shopper.

Certain companies will pay for the food you buy at their establishment in exchange for your services as a reporter.

Your job is to try the food and provide clear and honest feedback to the owner of the food institution.

If you are someone that eats out a lot, becoming a mystery shopper could save you some money in the long run. 

It isn’t just restaurants either.

You can become a mystery shopper for a store, a travel company or an online service. Either way, you can try out all of this great stuff for free.

Rent Out Your Space

Your home can sometimes feel a little too big.

Maybe you have an extra bedroom, or you have sections of your house that you just don’t’ use.

Whatever the reason for your abundance of space, you can earn some additional cash by renting out some of your space to other people.

Some will take you up on your offer as a lodger and rent one of your rooms.

Others may need a place to rehearse music or sport, and some could be on the hunt for a quiet place of their own.

Whatever the reason, there is no reason why you couldn’t look into renting out your unused space to someone that actually needs it.

It is a win win situation.

Furthermore, you can also utilise parts of your driveway or garage in this way.

If parking is too tight in your area you could provide the ultimate solution, for the right price, of course.

Sell Online Domains

The internet is where a lot of people create their identity.

Some people require this identity for their business, while others just want to be found easily.

A good domain name is the perfect way to bring internet traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, almost all of the short and simple domain were taken a long time ago.

However, some people will put a higher price on these domain names than others.

If you have good negotiating skills, or some knowledge of SEO, you could create a side hustle where you buy and sell popular domain names for a profit. 

It is by no means an easy thing to start, but once you learn the value of a simple domain name you could be negotiating a fair price for the website link in no time.

Plus, this small amount of communication takes no effort at all, especially since you are often the one in the driver’s seat.


There is never a shortage of ways to create some extra income.

Some methods require some more foreknowledge than others, but even the simple act of decluttering your home could be a fruitful endeavour in the modern age.