For users and businesses that want to make their Facebook images do more, Stipple now provides the ability to make them interactive. Stipple, an image-based e-commerce company located in San Francisco, has been a leading developer in the area of interactive image creation. Using a data overlay that appears when users hover over an image, Stipple allows publishers to bring their images to life by including additional content to the photos they share.

Over the past few months, Stipple has focused on integrating this technology with various social media outlets. Starting with Twitter in November 2012, the ability to published “Stippled” images with interactive tags is now available on Facebook as well. This presents some unique and exciting opportunities for social marketers to enhance user interaction through previously static Facebook images.

Each icon on the image links to extra information, videos, and even the photographer's website. Go to (or just click this image) to see how it works.

While Facebook is the primary place that Stipple has an impact, one of the other major benefits is that Stipple images can be created once and embedded across multiple social networks including Twitter and Google Plus—so there’s no need to Stipple an image separately for each social platform.

Stipple’s Advantages for Marketers
The functionality that Stipple offers in terms of enhanced image interaction provides a host of advantages that can be leveraged by publishers, marketers, merchants, and photographers. Stipple claims that the features of their rich-image creation platform provide businesses with a wealth of benefits when it comes to marketing and promoting their products, some of which include:

  • A Larger Viewing Audience – According to Stipple, more people view a company’s images than their videos, ads, or website. By providing marketers the ability to embed ads inside their images, Stipple allows businesses to capitalize on this sector of viewers.
  • Increased Engagement – Static images provide very few options to encourage direct viewer engagement. With the various types of media and content that can be added to images using Stipple, the chance for viewer engagement is greatly enhanced. According to Stipple, rich images can earn clickthrough rates 10 times that of other display media.
  • Easy Monetization – Embedding specific calls to action and shopping links creates a more efficient way for marketers to monetize their images. By including “Shop” buttons, merchants can also include specific product and pricing information, which helps to improve the purchasing process for both buyers and sellers.
  • Accurate Measurement and Tracking – Stipple provides real-time analysis of image engagement and reach data, which is extremely important to any successful marketing effort. Understanding the effectiveness of rich images allows for more refined and targeted interactive image campaigns.

Using Stipple on Facebook to Enhance User Interaction
Now that Stipple’s interactive image tags work on Facebook, marketers have a new way to increase engagement and enhance user interaction with posted images themselves. With the ability to post media-rich images directly into the Facebook News Feed, marketers can add a dynamic element to any Facebook post.

The marketing advantages listed above increase exponentially when applied to the potential reach of a rich image shared on Facebook to a large network of fans and customers. Rather than seeing a standard static image in their Facebook News Feed, fans of a business’s page will be able to engage with a Stippled image directly, providing the chance for an immediate customer action—a share, a visit to a branded page, or even a purchase. Essentially, marketers using Stipple on Facebook are able to turn the images they post on Facebook into interactive store fronts.

Now, the application of that same technology in a way that integrates e-commerce with the endless reach and exposure of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook provides exciting opportunities to marketers everywhere.


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