“Content” is a pretty ubiquitous term. Essentially everything is content. A while back, I talked about Instagram and visual content. Let’s add some more flavor to the content scene with audio content.

Audio content is growing in a big way thanks to the increasing popularity of podcasts. Best Rank has an excellent podcast of its own. The radio show reborn, podcasts are appealing just for their sheer variety and simplicity. As long as you have an idea, a microphone, and a SoundCloud account, you can podcast to your heart’s content.

Aside from the fact that’s it’s so easy to do, podcasting is another way to connect with your audience and add some character and voice (literally and otherwise) to your growing brand. If you have the interest and the willingness, it’s a great idea to take advantage of all the avenues available, whether audio, video, or words on a page.

While Win the Web tops the list, here are a few of my other favorite podcasts to get your juices flowing, give you some ideas, or provide some aural entertainment for those drives home.

This American Life

Since its debut in 1995, This American Life has remained one of the top radio shows in the nation. The show is hosted by the great Ira Glass with segments from authors, journalists, experts, and storytellers from all across the globe. Each week, the show covers a single theme or topic explored in several acts. The podcast is essentially the week’s program put on the web, with some minor edits and, in some cases, more content.

This American Life is a great store of motivation, inspiration, and information. It covers life, love, death, history, anthropology, science, family, friendship, and everything in between. There’s really no one who wouldn’t enjoy this podcast. Check out their huge archive of episodes on their website.

Other People

Created, hosted, and produced all by Brad Listi—an author and the founded editor of online culture magazine and literary collective, The Nervous Breakdown—Other People is an invaluable resource for writers and creatives in general. Each episode of the podcast consists of a one-on-one conversation between Listi and a writer. Sounds simple and mundane, but there’s something about that straightforward format that makes it so interesting and inspiring. Interviewees so far include George Saunders, Jess Walter, Roxane Gay, Ron Rash, Cheryl Strayed, and Emily St. John Mandel, among dozens of others.

How Did This Get Made

I love movies. I love bad movies. I love movies that are so terrible that they approach amazing and require an in-depth discussion and pummeling. How Did This Get Made, hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas, and a weekly guest, is just that. The hosts pick a bad movie, watch it, and report back with hilarious–and sometimes surprising–results, answering the age old question: “How did this get made?”

These are just a few of my favorites, and the list grows as I continue to traipse through the web. What are some podcasts that you listen/subscribe to?


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