I found an old article on the Top Techno Brands of 2004. This was right before Google went public with their stock offering, "GOOG". Near the end of the article I noticed a funny little blurb:

If Google make the top 10, this will be a major lesson for the "traditional marketers" and ad company of are really slow to admit the Web and viral marketing campaign can be really effective without big budget in other media!

As we’ve now seen, Google’s stock and market position have sky-rocketed as some people couldn’t have predicted. Viral marketing on the web can have it’s benefits, especially for Google who is still considered a start up company (less than 10 years old), and churns up billions in revenue/cash each year. Have you ever seen an advertisement for Google products (i.e., search, maps, gmail…etc) outside of the web, on TV or in other traditional marketing channels? I have not. This can be a good lesson for those who wish to bypass traditional media channels when considering where to advertise.


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