Today I noticed seomoz launched a new link analysis tool that really has the seo community buzzing and for good reason:

Open Site Explorer is a comprehensive link analysis tool that is web based, super fast and cuts right to the point!

Built on top of the linkscape API, this new tool is sure to make some really big waves in the days ahead.

It’s free to use until after the initial 48 hour free trial is up, so go use it!

Not that we haven’t seen tools similar to this one before, here are some other link analysis tools, but the way in which this new tool packages information together is just brilliant.  You get

  • Rough, overall metrics indicating how powerful the domain in question is
  • Which pages link to your URL – we already had this with site explorer but now we also get the anchor text used on the page, very cool!  And the page and domain authority of that linking page.
  • Which domains link to your URL – we sort of had this with other tools but never really as clear and easy as this interface spits out.  Really nice to see the number of linking root domains for each of those domains, really helps to show how powerful (or not so powerful) each domain is that links to you.
  • Anchor text distribution – this is pretty sweet because having a top sample of the unique anchor text phrases and their associated counts give you a really good rough estimate as what a website either likely ranks for or is trying to rank for.  Might I add that you can see, for a particular anchor text phrase, the number domains linking to you and the sheer number of links being used, which means you can see where people spam their inbound anchor text (650 links for "my phrase here" over 2 linking domains) and where inbound links look a lot more natural (45 links for "my other phrase here" over 18 linking domains).  One gripe so far in that it appears internal anchor text is being included on this list (I see "Home" for some anchor text links), and would be good to filter that out similar to how site explorer allows us to filter out the target domain.
  • Full list of link metrics… and that’s just the non-paid version, apparently we get more if we pay.  Yes they’re business people too 😉

While I don’t think seomoz’s index is quite as accurate as say Yahoo’s site explorer (I see some lower number of links for domains that I know have a larger count) it’s a big step in the right direction seeing that Yahoo’s tool might be bitting the dust in the near future and I’m sure if seomoz had a stock price it would have just jumped through roof.

Not to mention I can already see there are sooo many things that can be built off of the seomoz data API.  More to come on that in the future.

If I were a company similar to say, Majestic SEO, I would be worried.


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