Hello Best Rankers!

I’m happy to announce (and I’m sure you’ve noticed by now) that we launched our new website this past Sunday–Hooray! The goals we’ve had in mind for our new look included increased conversions, of course, but we wanted to keep things simple, clean, and focused around our major core services:

While we still continue to offer other services that revolve around online markting in general (call tracking, web hosting, site search software) they’ve become less and less part of what we believe syncs with our overall business goals and ultimately don’t drive a lot of revenue for us.

Logo Change!

Our logo changed a bit as well. Out is the pyramid (originally intended to reference the symbol of the keyword pyramid) and in is our bubble which resembles a social mention:

New Web Dev Gallery

I’m happy to point out we’ve also redesigned our web development gallery and we have about 45 sites we’ve sampled for display that we’ve developed over the past couple of years.

OK–that’s it for right now on the new site–just short and sweet. We’re still fixing up some minor loose ends and combing through our log files to catch and redirect any URLs we missed, so we are keeping busy–and I foresee more improvements yet to come.

By the Way, Did I Mention that We’re Hiring?

We’re growing! And so that means we’re looking to bring on an additional account manager to help run SEO and web dev projects. Check out our Careers section to learn more. Don’t be shy, if you think you’re qualified, we want to hear from you!

Until next time… 🙂


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