You may have heard the phrase "people love to hate" before, so how is this relevant to search marketing? Hate can be a powerful tool and can help strengthen the bond between reader and writer.

Specifically, I’m talking about picking a group of people, an idea, entity, player or some "thing" in your respective field that you are able to bash on or hate, for a logical reason, such that chances are your readers now have the ability to connect on an emotional level with what you’re writing about and can relate to your content, i.e. they dig your bashing because they enjoy bashing about the same stuff too. This means more interest, references and eventually, inbound links to your page(s). Just another way to apply viral marketing techniques.

If you haven’t found yourself an enemy yet, then you may want to consider doing so. Not to say you can just start blindly bashing on any given thing, so be careful. Remember to target the right enemy and make sure that your readers aren’t necessarily in favor of your bashing subject. It’s usually best to present attacks, if any, in a problem-solution example or scenario. Try not to "dwell" or spend too much time on the problem as you want to offer some kind of elegant method for resolution such that your readers can take the lesson home with them.


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