The Building Blocks Of The Perfect Instagram Bio [You Don’t Want To Miss This]

Perfect Instagram Bio

The right Instagram bio is a must-have if you want to succeed on the platform.

Think of it like your website home page, portfolio, product catalog, and business card, all rolled into one aesthetically appealing package.

It’s easy to forget about the value of an effective Instagram bio when you’re caught up in the chaos of social media marketing.

You’re trying to plan your posting schedule, creating stunning videos or images, and find new followers. No

It’s a lot to deal with.

Unfortunately, overlooking your Instagram bio can also be significantly detrimental to your image.

Here, we’re going to share some Instagram bio ideas to help you make the right impression on your potential followers.

Building Blocks Of The Perfect Instagram Bio

1.  Make It Informative

Let’s start simple, when someone arrives on your Instagram profile, the bio is the first thing they see.

It’s how your followers get a sense of who you are, what you do, and what they can expect from your page.

The challenge for most companies is figuring out how to get the right information across to their target audience, in a short 150-character space.

Remember, you’ll have a link you can include in your bio to direct your customers to more information if necessary – so just share what’s most important.

For instance, @Saltyface promises “Clean Ingredients.

Made in Canada,” because they know that’s what their customers want – local, sustainable skincare.

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Bird and Blend Tea use the “category” option on their bio to show they’re involved in shopping and retail, followed by important statements about their product.

They introduce an important set of branded hashtags, teach customers how to be featured on their wall, and use emojis to make their content more engaging – all without running out of bio space.

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2.  Use Keywords Correctly

If you want your business or personal website to stand out in the search engines, you use specific keywords to help your customers find your content.

The same rule applies with Instagram. With Instagram SEO, you can improve your chances of reaching your target audience by using more of the terms they’re looking for.

To find keywords, type the niche or industry you’re in in the Instagram search bar, then check out the top trending topics connected to that term.

You might look for “Gardening” and see things like “Gardening Goals” for instance.

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You can also check out your competition’s Instagram bio, to see what kind of terms they’re using, and examine your website SEO strategy for extra guidance.

Once you know your keywords, figure out how to use them effectively.

Remember, you’re limited on space in your bio, and you don’t want to just pack it full of key terms.

A good option could be to add keywords to your Instagram highlights, or even use them in the “name” section of your bio, like Ericka of @Socialinkco does here:

3.  Get Creative

Remember, there are a lot of other companies and influencers on Instagram all fighting for the same attention.

This means if you really want to stand out, you’re going to have to do something a little different.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your Instagram bio more attractive, even when you’re trying to grab attention on something as small as a mobile screen.

One common option is to use emojis in your bio.

Emojis are excellent at grabbing attention and connecting with your target audience.

They’re particularly valuable when paired with line breaks, to help make your content look more well-organized and aesthetically pleasing.

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Another option could be to use different Instagram fonts in your bio. There are tons of font generator options out there, so you can make various parts of your bio stand out. You might transform the look of your name, or add a unique phrase or quote in italics, like Jenny Palumbo does here:

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Remember to think about the aesthetic of your bio and how everything is going to look together. You want the specific parts of your bio to blend together to send a consistent message.

4.  Master Your Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of success on Instagram.

Without them, you’ll struggle to make the right impact on your audience.

The social channel uses hashtags to help customers find the companies and content they want to see, as a kind of search tool.

You should be including hashtags in both your Instagram posts, and your Instagram bio.

On your bio, you can add a hashtag customers can click on.

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your branded hashtags and send customers to pages full of user-generated content.

The UGC you share will help generate trust in your company. Check out this example from @Lush:

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Other hashtags you can use in your bio include specific or niche terms you want to be associated with.

You can also feature a popular trending hashtag if you like, but remember it’s much harder to actually rank for terms that already get a lot of use.

Don’t forget, you can also @mention other people on your Instagram bio, which is a great way to tag specific accounts linked to your main Instagram account.

For instance, you might @mention the CEO of your company, or a specific sub-section of your brand.

5.  Have A Call-To-Action

Your Instagram Bio isn’t just there to look good – it needs to actively encourage positive behavior from your target audience.

This means having a call-to-action to tell followers what you want them to do when they arrive on your page.

Your CTA could be anything, such as telling your audience to use a branded hashtag if they want to be featured on your page, like @TheSpaatCarden does here:

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Alternatively, you can use your CTA to tell your customers to visit your website, check out your product pages, or just book an appointment with you, and direct them to your single Instagram link.

Since your CTA needs to grab attention, it’s worth experimenting.

Consider using bold text and emojis to pull attention to your CTA – like the Spa at Carden does above.

You can also experiment with different CTAs over time and check your website analytics for insights into which of your strategies are earning the most conversions.

6.  Add A Link

Finally, the link in your bio is widely regarded as the most important part of achieving Instagram success.

After all, when you have followers on Instagram, you don’t want them to stay there exclusively.

Rather, you want to use your Instagram bio to encourage your followers to check out what you have to offer elsewhere – namely on your website.

The link you use in your bio can make or break your chances of earning conversions from Instagram.

Unfortunately, you can only use a single link – as this is all you’re permitted from Instagram.

In the past, companies have experimented with simply linking to their homepage, to help customers navigate their own way to the information they need when they arrive on the site.

We’ve even seen companies constantly changing their link regularly to link back to different campaign pages.

However, you don’t have to be restricted on Instagram. You can use a tool to connect your customers to multiple links instead.

For instance, allows you to create clean link directories, so your customers can see all of your most important pages in one list:

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A clickable environment for all of your must-visit website locations improves your chances of your customers arriving on the pages where they’ll actually deliver the most value to your business.

Make The Most Of Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio might not look like much at first glance, but it’s an extremely important tool in your social media strategy.

The way you organize your bio will determine what your customers think and feel about you when they click onto your profile.

Use the tips above to start updating your bio today, then pay attention to your Instagram analytics to determine which bio changes are driving the best results overall.