The News Feed component of Facebook has adapted drastically over the past several years with improvements on the way users can interact and visualize their content. Today marks another change to the platform, with customization and personal preference in mind.

Big Changes

Today, Facebook has announced it will be catering towards a more “personalized” NewsFeed, giving users the ability to pick and choose what they see first when they open the platform. Product manager Jacob Frantz explains, “The goal of News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you. To do this, we use ranking to order stories based on how interesting we believe they are to you: specifically, whom you tend to interact with, and what kinds of content you tend to like and comment on.” Some of these new controls include: selecting specific friends and pages you would like to see first, finding new pages to connect with, and selecting pages and friends to both follow and unfollow.

What This Means For Brands

With all of these new preference options this could mean bad news for brands, who have already been adapting to Facebook’s slash in organic reach, as organic content reaches fewer viewers without engagement or paid promotion assistance. With the user’s ability to choose which business pages they see first and foremost on their feeds this could mean less reach again for posts if a page’s content is not appealing or relevant for users.

New Strategies

What can brands plan to change? Content is always king and that stands true for Facebook. While the amount of posting is important, the content you post about is always truly vital. Engagement—such as comments and shares—will still help grow a post’s reach, and asking questions or opinions is a great way to frame your content. Again, paid promotion will also assist in gaining post reach so it’s crucial to set aside some budget for boosted posts throughout the month.


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