Ever browsed through a website, clicked through the pages, and realized you suddenly felt a little nauseated? The problem could simply be the clashing hues on the site, bombarding your brain with excessive visual stimulation or perplexing color choices. It’s enough to make you feel, well, queasy.

Professionalism Through Colors

When starting out a new design, whether it is in print or web, bear in mind the importance of a good color scheme. There is no right or wrong formula for determining which scheme is best suited for your design. But since the “right” color is strongly influenced by personal likes and dislikes, carefully planning your design from conception to launch will produce thought-out, professional results.

Simplify Your Choices

Call me crazy, but I’ve had some restless nights feeling like a scatterbrain simply because I couldn’t decide on a color scheme for a logo design I was working on. What I’ve learned is that starting out with two to three hues and expanding from there helps greatly in achieving a solid color scheme.

Hues and Shades - Simplify your Choices

It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your design. If after a few days you realize you’ve picked inappropriate colors, then it is much easier to apply a more fitting scheme based on the two or three hues you picked out originally.

…With Flying Colors

“A color scheme is successful not when you’re satisfied, but when your audience feels comfortable.” – Ben Gremillion, How to Get a Professional Look with Color

Deciding on a color scheme might seem like a laborious process. Taking baby steps in the beginning rather than diving blindly into color picking will help ensure you’ve chosen based on logic, not on your personal feelings. For example, if you’re designing a website that sells infant clothing, consider what colors your audience will feel comfortable looking at. You know you’ve arrived at a proper color scheme when there is a high level of comfort for your customers.


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