As you may know, Google Caffeine was released a week ago, spurring up new conversations in the SEO world. With Google Caffeine, Google now has the ability to index websites at a much faster rate, providing, “50 percent fresher results for web searches than [their] last index.”

Google has slowly released new search options and features over the past year, adjusting to new search trends, and higher expectations from searchers. Twitter and OneRiot search engine were the front-runners for real-time results, and now Google delivers real-time updates, news, videos, and much more. How can you capitalize on real-time results?


There are several tools available to research the hottest trending topics right now. I’ve listed the most popular tools I use on a regular basis below.


Approximately 25% of Google search queries are unique each day, which may sound unrealistic, but the reason is events. Think natural disasters, holidays, sports results, product releases, or celebrity news. A great way to get organic traffic is to leverage these events by generating content directly targeted at each event. Optimizing your content for Google News and social networks are great ways to target time-sensitive searches.

As an example, I’ll place a search query for "world cup." When looking at the screenshot below, you can see the different modules and results that are displayed on the first page.

  1. 2010 FIFA World Cup Latest Matches module – This displays all the current match results, and upcoming game schedule. Unless you’re or, you don’t have a chance of getting in this section.
  2. News for World Cup – This is the Google News feed which can refer upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 visitors in a single day, depending on the topic of course.
  3. Latest Results for World Cup – The latest results section pulls in results from everywhere, including media sites, blog, twitter status updates, and much more. Refer to the latest results for World Cup page as an example.


As you can see, you have several opportunities to get front page results on Google, without engaging in a long term link building campaign. Do your research, prepare for upcoming events, generate targeted content, and capitalize on this real-time search traffic!


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