The news of Steve Jobs’ death has undoubtedly left the world speechless. He was not only a visionary CEO and a genius inventor; he came to be admired in the hearts and minds of millions around the globe as the passionate, inspired pioneer who no doubt touched every process in the creation of the revolutionary products we love. Guided by Steve Jobs’ leadership, Apple products were not just products--not just pieces of impressive techy gear–they represent a lifestyle, a purpose, whole communities and mindsets. Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we communicate and stay connected to the world. He will be remembered and regarded as a person who achieved what no one else could, and possibly what no one else will be able to do in the future. Like the rest of the world, we here at Best Rank mourn the loss of such an iconic figure who changed the landscape of not only technology but humanity. We’d like to share some of our thoughts about Steve Jobs, remembering the ways he touched our lives.

Mike Shannon, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

I got my first Apple product in February 2006. It was a Macbook Pro, which was the first Intel-based Mac… and the same laptop I use to this day. Great product! Steve Jobs has been an inspiration to me, because success from scratch is always inspiring!  Best Rank came from scratch just four years ago.

His technology has changed the way I interact with loved ones, well, because I’m on my iPad now way too much so my wife hates me for it. (Just kidding.)

Apple really is an amazing comeback kid story, starting successfully in the 70s in a garage then later Jobs was kicked out in the 80s. Apple later tanked in the mid-90s until Jobs came back in, then under Jobs’ leadership came back with a vengeance into what we know today with very cool products like the iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc. Now Apple has a very large segment of the personal computer market (I think ~23%) which was monopolized by PCs & Microsoft previously.

Matt Walker, co-founder and CEO
I first worked on an Apple computer back in the late 80s when I was in Junior High… I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
He always focused on quality design, functionality, and usability. Apple represents quality…it’s always been a cutting edge company that has turned out fantastic products.

 Alan Bush,  Director of SEO
I’m not an Apple user for home computing, but I will say that Steve Jobs’ influence revolutionized the computer and home entertainment industry. Basically, he lifted the brand of Apple from potential failure and placed it among the top-grossing companies in the world. Apple products became the symbol of new ideas and the standard of excellence by which other companies, including large companies such as Microsoft and Google, are STILL trying to achieve. Nearly everyone has an iPod, and if you don’t, you likely have a replica. 

The loss of Steve Jobs has a huge impact; but let’s hope that Apple continues this standard in his honor by giving fresh ideas and superior quality products to the world for years to come.

 Amanda Thomas, SEO Analyst 

I got my first Apple product when I bought my iPhone just last year. However, I grew up with “old school” Macs from elementary school throughout the remainder of my school years. Whether it was computer class in third grade, or using iBooks in my high school classes to make presentations, I was surrounded by Apple products. So, to hear that we have just lost the great visionary behind the Apple line of products is saddening to say the least. The products that he has worked to release to the public have shaped our technology in ways that seem immeasureable. Given how much his efforts have shaped how we have revolutionized personal technology, it would seem impossible to say that he hasn’t had an impact on us all, albeit indirectly. But the inspiration that I draw the most from him is his determination and drive.
After being let go from Apple, a company he had started, he could have caved in and succumbed to his own self-pity. Yet he didn’t. He went on, perhaps in a diverted direction than he may have expected to go, but that path, as new and scary as it likely was, took him not only to greatness, but to heights that very few other humans can claim to have gone. Though I may never have met him, he gave me two invaluable gifts: inspiration and time. Though the inspiration part makes sense, given that his life story presents so many triumphant victories over difficult and near-impossible circumstances (not only through his career but with his battle with cancer), but time?
With his products, notably the iPhone, I can now do more things with my time than I ever could before. What would take me several minutes to start my PC and open my browser and login to my email, I can check instantaneously with my iPhone. Granted, this could be said of any smart phone, but given that Apple raised the bar in user-friendly smart phone technology, I was able to use my iPhone with little to no time wasted in training or skimming through a user manual. The extra efforts that have been the core of Apple’s interface to make it simple, yet powerful, have resulted in a savings of time that I can now devote to spending with my loved ones. This, along with the inspiration he has provided, is priceless.

One of our leaders is gone, to make way for a new generation of thinkers and doers and it is up to us to not only carry on his legacy, but to keep the same driving force to better ourselves just as he had. I dare anyone and everyone in the world to do better. He rose the bar, and its now up to us all to raise it even further.

Jennifer Bowles, Account Manager & Social Media Manager
Steve Jobs has done what no one else has, or probably could ever do. He’s built an empire that has become the world’s largest company and it all started out of a garage. He’s an absolute inspiration to me to live better and be better. To be constantly thinking and creating. I’m awestruck by his genius. Oh… and I’m loyal to the core with my Apple products. Droid may be a great phone, but my iPhone is better.

Lisa Cutter, Editorial Manager
Steve Jobs just had such an immense presence. He was the face of a corporation–which is a rarity in itself–but he wasn’t just the face, he was the heart of it, and he was loved by millions of people. He was on a whole different level than any leader I can think of. I can’t imagine that Apple will ever be the same company without him, but I hope that his legacy will inspire all current and future creators and inventors to continue not only a line of tangible products, but the spirit that innately comes with them. 

Sarah Kennedy, Administrative Assistant

Yesterday, when I first read the news on Twitter, I didn’t believe it. It just seemed to unrealistic Then as the hours progressed and more and more reports came out I was beginning to wonder “could it be true?” And then the Apple website put up a picture of Steve along with the year of his birth and death; it suddenly became apparent that it really was true. I can’t believe how saddened I was at the realization. I did not know him personally but nonetheless felt a kinship to him and his magnificent creativity.
I got my first Apple product in May 2011–the iPad. I don’t know what made me want one so bad, it wasn’t as though I was a business savvy entrepreneur needing it to function in my job, nor could I pinpoint a finger on exactly what I wanted it for, I just knew I wanted it. But with a $600 (for 3g–I wouldn’t settle for less) price tag, I didn’t think I would be able to afford it. But through a twist of luck, or fate, depending on how you see it–our tax refund check was more than we expected it to be and I asked my husband if we could budget the iPad because of my absolute desire for it….when he said yes, I rushed to the Apple store as fast as my car would drive me and was soon the proprietor of one of the most pristine gadgets I have ever owned. Then I wanted the iPhone! My husband initially told me I didn’t need the iPhone AND the iPad, he said they were essentially the same exact thing except one made phone calls–needless to say, in June 2011 I got the iPhone 4 and I am still floating on a cloud (and next week on the 12th, I’ll be floating on the iCloud!) it is hands-down the best phone I have ever owned.
Steve Jobs has not so much been an inspiration to me as much as he has inspired my embracing of technology. Until the iPad came out, I didn’t really want anything to do with the tech world, my flip phone was a-okay with me and as far as I was concerned technology was on a path I was unwilling to follow. All that changed the day I found myself in the Apple store looking at the new big thing called the iPad. As I mentioned before, I couldn’t explain my pull towards it, it was just something I had to have. Since then, it has been one wild ride of iPad and iPhone mania and I’m loving every minute of it.

Apple as a company certainly has its own special way of doing things. The way they announce their new products, the way their website is set up and of course the wonderful–nothing else quite like it–products they put out. My husband is not an Apple kind of guy, he loves his Thunderbolt, but when he is using my phone, he cannot help himself to comment on how much he loves the screen and the retinal display–that speaks volumes of testimony to the above and beyond approach Apple takes when creating their products. It should be no surprise to anybody, that Apple will be leading the technology sphere long into the future, even without the ingenuity of Mr. Jobs. May he rest in peace.



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