Several months ago I signed up for Dan Thies’ SEO Research Labs web site and I downloaded his SEO Fast Start…only to be disappointed by the 2004 date. Over the past couple of months I have received numerous e-mails from Dan’s site promising a new SEO Fast Start 2007 book (download the book below). Well, he delivered on his promise. I downloaded his e-book the other day and made my way through it, pretty quickly I may add. His latest book is a great resource for anyone considering entering the SEO game. I felt there were many valuable points in the book, but the most value I felt that a beginner could derive from his book is the methodology behind selecting the right keywords.

Back when I started in this game I nearly pulled my hair out trying to narrow down the list of keywords that I wanted to optimize a site/page for. I would have paid good money for Dan’s methodology back then. If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend that you check out Dan’s latest release and walk through it step-by-step.

Download his latest book here: SEO Fast Start 2007

There’s also a great review/post on Aaron Wall’s SEOBook website about Dan’s book. It seems there is a slight disagreement between the two heavyweights on the proper use of the nofollow tag. But, Dan cleared up his argument in the comments section.

All-in-all, I think Dan has provided the entire community with a great resource that serves as a good reference for all SEO’ers. I’m looking forward to Dan’s other Fast Start e-books (e.g. PPC Fast Start). You can sign up for Dan’s Fast Start 2007 mailing list here. Although the content is a little slim at this point, you can check out his Fast Start Portal (blog) for more info.

Thanks, Dan!!!


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