SEO DiggerIf you haven’t already tried it, check out seodigger, a nice free tool that generates keyword ranking lookups for domains. In other words, if you browse to seodigger and type in a site URL like "" then you’ll get a whole distribution of the top keyword positions on Google for that domain. The tool also allows you to pull in and compare Google Adwords advertiser volume, competition volume, Wordtracker search volume and Overture search volume for each keyword position. Nice!

Why this tool is good:

  • Quick and easy way to eye ball the top keywords a website ranks for, yours or your competition’s. You can see what’s working and what’s not for both you and your competition.
  • Good way to generate keyword ideas by looking at a distribution of related keywords.
  • Keyword rank and search volume comparisons allow you to see which keywords you should be targeting more aggressively in the organic search, because higher search volumes can pay off with a higher keyword rank.
  • Offers a nice API so that you can pull in keyword data for your own applications.

Why this tool isn’t good:

  • Doesn’t have data on all web sites. SEOdigger only knows about domains that people request results for. So if you punch in any random domain you might not get anything back – until they get around to compiling results on that domain per your original request.
  • Keyword ranking data can sometimes be a few months old. They take their time to update results 🙁
  • Limits your number of search queries for the non-paid version… but allows you to sign up to receive more queries per day.

Despite it’s drawbacks, seodigger is still good because it gives you at least a snap shot from a certain point in the past on a domain’s organic keyword distribution – and that’s worth a look.


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G.Suvorov • 11 years ago

Thnak you for your review of SeoDigger! Really nice post! I’ve copied it to our blog :-) Thanks again! Any suggestion or comments are welcome!

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Gotlib Dyster • 11 years ago

Good day, Thank you very much for your interest in our service SEODigger. Now we are preparing to launch a new service for specialists in SEO and SEM area and we’d like to invite you to participate in beta testing. Your questions and proposals are really important for us, so if you have any, don’t hesitate to adress us. If you are interested in being involved in beta testing, just inform us. Our email is: mail(at) Best regards, SEODigger, SEOQuake and SEMRush Team

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Roman • 11 years ago

SeoDigger was great tool but for now beta-version of SeoDigger is closed. :((

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