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It can be challenging to determine the right types of content your business should be creating. It’s even tougher to decide which topics you should be writing about (not to mention finding the time to write them).

Content marketing is hard to navigate because business leaders know that getting it wrong can be costly. While high-quality content has the power to engage new consumers, build brand loyalty, and boost public image, low-quality content does just the opposite. Content that’s poorly written, unoriginal, or misses the mark on your audience’s needs will drive customers away and dilute the image of your brand.

That’s where we come in. With Main Path Marketing, you have an entire team of content experts on your side. Our professional writers, editors, and strategists are committed to crafting high-quality content, designed to elevate your brand and build valuable consumer relationships. You provide the expertise and industry knowledge, and we’ll handle the content marketing.

Content Strategy

Before we produce any content, we start with a plan.

Your Main Path Marketing team includes a dedicated Content Strategist, who combines expert knowledge of content marketing and SEO with in-depth research into your business, industry, and target market, to craft the right content strategy for your brand.

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A content creation strategy is more than just a list of topics to write about; it is content creation guide for our team to produce content that will be successful for your unique business and goals.

For each piece of content we plan, our team assesses the goals of the piece, the choice of medium, SEO best practices, and how the piece should be distributed for maximum impact. That means determining which content format is best suited to deliver each message, and which channels should be used to share your content with the right audiences at the right times. It’s this attention to detail that allows us to bring enterprise-level content marketing services to the mid-market business arena.

Content Creation

With a well-developed content strategy in place, we craft and refine each individual project to ensure your brand’s content is well-written, thoughtful, and entertaining. Main Path will identify content categories applicable to your business, industry, and/or target customers. Then, for each of those categories, we will define the specific topics and types of content that should be used. The goal is to produce content that makes a connection with your audience.

Customers seek content to help them learn and make informed decisions, and to gain insight on a brand’s personality and values. The content you publish is your brand’s way of communicating with consumers, and building long-lasting relationships with them.

With consumers at the forefront, our team of writer and designers create each piece to align with your business goals, and edit relentlessly to ensure your content accurately reflects your brand’s voice, promotes your message, and delivers value to your audience.

Our writers and editors are specialized in the full spectrum of content types. We produce everything from thought leadership to share your expertise as an industry leader, to SEO copywriting for your website and blog, and compelling messages for email campaigns straight to your consumers’ inboxes.

We specialize in the following content types:

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Blog Posts – SEO-friendly content that teaches, entertains, and informs your consumers, while driving traffic to your website.

Thought Leadership – High-quality articles that showcase your business expertise and establish your brand as a leader in your industry

Website and Landing Page Copy – Strategically crafted SEO copywriting to reflect your products and services, and boost your website

Infographics – Expertly designed to be informative, visually engaging, and most importantly, shareable, catching the eyes of consumers across the web to spread brand awareness

E-books – Valuable, multi-chapter resources to inform and convert consumers

Whitepapers – High-quality, authoritative resources to educate consumers and collect leads

Quizzes – Highly engaging, shareable content that allows consumers to interact with your brand

Email Newsletters – Direct communication between your brand and your consumers, enabling you to connect with consumers at all levels of the funnel.

Sharing Your Content

Once we have a polished piece of content ready to go, what do we do with it? The answer lies in the content strategy we worked with you to develop. Depending on your business goals and target audience, your content may be promoted as a media placement for a third party publication, shared across your social media platforms, highlighted in an email campaign, or featured on your blog to drive SEO value back to your website.

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Main Path is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping small and mid-sized businesses that cannot support hiring their own digital marketing department.

Based on each client’s individual needs, we develop a customized, multi-channel digital marketing strategy that leverages the interconnectivity of the web to ensure all of your online marketing channels are working together to help drive results.

This includes search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, analytics and reporting.

For nine years we’ve driven results for our clients through high-quality services and deliverables.

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