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Improving Goal Conversion Rates

Your website is a non-stop, 24/7 selling machine. We have seen so many clients over the years invest heavily in digital marketing strategies that drive traffic, but then refuse to put any investment into their website.

Let’s assume for a minute that your website has all the traffic it is ever going to get—what do you do? Well, you figure out how to convert the traffic that you are already getting at a higher rate.

CRO is one of the most lucrative investments you can make into your website. Let’s assume you currently have a 2% conversion rate on your website. If you can increase that conversion rate to 3%, then you just got a 50% increase in revenue and profit. Fractional percent increases in conversion rate can lead to HUGE gains to your top and bottom lines.

Many of our clients come to us and say “we want more traffic.” That is a fair request; however, oftentimes, those same clients already have a lot of quality traffic that just isn’t converting. So why would we want to push more traffic to a website that does not convert? As owners of websites, we may not always want more traffic, but we ALWAYS want more sales. This is where CRO comes in. Let us help drive additional sales through your website by making it more attractive to your target audience.

How Our Conversion Rate Experts Solve the CRO Challenge

As with the rest of our business, we rely on data to help us craft CRO strategies. Anyone can make recommendations on items to change or modify on your website; however, without the data to support those decisions, it is just speculation. That is why we integrate CRO into our overall digital marketing strategy.

We utilize industry-leading software and tools that allow us to extract the right data so we can make smart decisions. This can include:

  • Heat Map Tracking. Integrating heat map tracking enables us to see exactly what people are doing on your website, the links they are clicking most, where their attention is being directed, etc. We can then use this data to make changes to messaging, colors, or call-to-action button placement.
  • A/B Testing. An A/B test is when you have two slightly different versions of the same page and split the traffic going to those pages. This allows us to test different elements of the page—color, messaging, call-to-action, etc. The page with the highest conversion rate “wins” and we drive all the traffic to that page.

Our Marketing Executives will craft a CRO strategy for your company and report back to you, on an executive-level, on how the strategy is working.


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