If you currently have a Google Merchant Center account, and are submitting a shopping feed to Google, you may want to consider running Product Listing Ads in your Adwords account as well. Product Listing Ads pull information from your Google Merchant Center account feed to display ads alongside other paid text ads. The main difference is that these ads are not triggered by keywords within your Adwords account, and will display your product image, price, headline, and descrition. Below is an example of how Product Listing Ads display among other paid text ads:

The first step to creating Product Listing Ads is linking your Google Merchant Center and Adwords accounts. To do so, first enter your Adwords Customer ID Number in Google Merchant Center by going to "Settings > Adwords."  Once that is completed, login to your Adwords account and create a new campaign that you will use for your Product Listing Ads. Within the new campaign, go to "Ad Extensions > Product Extensions" and select your linked Google Merchant Center account. From here, you will be prompted to create your first ad group within your new campaign. You can include both Product Listing Ads and text ads in this new ad group, although I prefer to keep these ad types separate for tracking purposes.

Once you have completed these steps, you just need to select what product information Google will pull from your merchant feed to display as Product Listing Ads. The default setting, "All Products," will do just that—display all products from your merchant feed for that particular ad group. If you are testing our Product Listing Ads for the first time, or you only have a few products in your merchant feed, this setting will probably be best. However, if you’d like to refine how Google displays your products, you can use product targets and product filters.

In addition to utilizing Product Listing Ads, you should also be taking advantage of the other Ad Extentions available in Adwords. To learn more about these, check this video tutorial.


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