Our Social Media Manager Tyler Cotman attended Social Media Day San Diego on June 30th and compiled his key takeaways from the conference. Take a look at the five tips and tricks everyone in the social media world is talking about to keep your brand up-to-date on ever-evolving social platforms.

1. It’s All About Live Video:

post 3Presenters heavily focused on the importance of live video, and how they expect to see it grow exponentially in the future. This isn’t surprising considering Facebook just announced their new algorithm where they specifically say live video will have a clear advantage on our newsfeeds. Is Facebook trying to compete with some of the top media conglomerates, such as Time Warner? Only time will tell. (Until then, here’s hoping that we can benefit from the value of cable TV for at least a little while longer; I, personally, can’t imagine my life without Bravo in it.) Live video adds a level of authenticity to your brand that can’t be obtained anywhere else.  Whether your business is giving a behind the scenes look at company insights, talking about popular industry topics, or just entertaining, people like to feel included and develop their own personal connections with your brand. Presenter Joel Comm says it best, “Storytelling is the cornerstone of live video.” So if your brand has a story to tell, tell it!

Key Takeaway:  Taking advantage of Facebook’s emphasis on live video is what will get your company on Newsfeed. 


2. Snapchat – More Than Just a Popular Social Network:

Snapchat has taken video by storm over the past four years and is showing no signs of stopping. Snapchat recently released their new advertising guidelines that allow brands to play their advertisements in-between stories, but I digress. Snapchat’s presence at Social Media Day was all about figuring out how to make the platform work for your brand.  From how to grow your follower base to how to produce quality content, presenter Carlos Gill didn’t leave out a single detail when it came to upping your Snapchat strategy. Do your research and figure out how you can use Snapchat to tell your audience a more engaging story. Once you’ve gone through all of the clever tactics for expanding your Snapchat follower base, make sure they have a reason to continue following.

Key Takeaway: Develop a 12-18 month plan as to how your brand will evolve into the Snapchat-sphere.


3. Your Social Media Strategy Should Be More Than Just a Facebook Page

post1After the “Friends and Family” algorithm change announcement from Facebook, Facebook is not looking great for businesses in terms of organic reach to consumers.  How can businesses still use the platform to their advantage? It’s simple: advertise. Facebook is a pay-to-play market and while they do want you to spend money, it’s important to remember they also want your business to succeed. Through advanced targeting options on advertisements, to updated video ads, Facebook is making sure their advertising platform is top-notch. We all predicted this would be the way of the Facebook future, but we weren’t ready for it to happen so soon. The plus side? We’ll get to that in our next takeaway.

Key Takeaway: Say goodbye to organic reach, get comfortable using Facebook as an advertising platform.


4. Instagram Ads: How to Stay on Trend.

post2After Facebook purchased the major platform in 2012 for a mere billion dollars, the social media mega site has expanded their robust targeting and ad-capabilities to the photo sharing site.  You can now optimize your ads to look great on the gram and Facebook at the same time. If your business is targeting a younger audience than that on Facebook, it would be a good idea to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This way, even when you boost a post on Facebook, you’re able to share it on Instagram with a clickable link. Businesses everywhere are taking advantage as the new ad platform emerges. Further proof that if you aren’t using Instagram in your advertising efforts, you’re already behind. Be sure your ads display photos are of the highest quality and you have a strategy in place for trying out video ads.

Key Takeaway: Facebook’s expanded Instagram ad options will accelerate your social media marketing strategy.


5. Keeping Fans Happy – Hug Your Haters

It’s a common phrase we hear all too often in pop culture, “Haters make me famous.” From the days of Paris Hilton to the nonstop Kardashian chatter, “haters” or in our case, people responding negatively to your business’s social efforts, are opportunities to expand your brand loyalty. The last speaker at Social Media Day San Diego, Jay Baer, spoke on social customer care and how to handle any negative comments coming your way. He did a great job presenting funny and relatable examples of brands that are succeeding in social. His message comes down to one simple action; respond. Use your social media pages as a way for your customers to connect and be social with your business. If someone has something negative to say, reply and make sure their voice is heard to find a solution. In most cases, it is very simple to turn disgruntled, possibly one time customers, into loyal fans.

Key Takeaways: It’s all in the very fitting title of Jay Baer’s book: “Hug Your Haters.”


Social Media Day San Diego proved that we are still just breaching the surface of the value of social media in an integrated marketing strategy. With looming changes in the future, how is your brand keeping up?


Author Bio: Tyler is the Social Media Manager at Main Path Marketing. From a professional standpoint, Tyler enjoys using social media to help clients hone their messaging and find/ interact with their target audience. As for his personal social media habits, Tyler spends his time live-tweeting award shows and Instagramming photos of the beach. You can find Tyler on Twitter @tycotman. 


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Good job Tyler, proud of you
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