How To Get Steam Wallet Funds To Paypal?

Steam wallet to Paypal

If you are a gamer or just enjoy occasional gaming the chances are that you have an account on Steam, which means that you also have a Steam wallet.

A Steam wallet is used to purchase games on Steam.

It can also be used for in-game purchases within games that are supported by Steam.

This is why you might be wondering if and how you can get Steam wallet funds to PayPal and whether this is even possible.

Can you use the Steam wallet for other payments or is it only possible to use the wallet on Steam for games?

Can Steam Cards Be Converted into Cash?

If you read Steam terms and conditions, it becomes clear that Steam cards and funds involved are not transferable.

Steam cards are intended to be used for purchasing games on Steam, paying for subscriptions, and buying in-game items in case the game supports Steam-based payments.

Steam cards can’t be converted to cash, but you can use your funds to purchase Steam-related content and products supported by Steam.

Steam cards can’t be converted into cash, but you can redeem physical or digital Steam cards for credit.

You can use this credit to buy downloadable content, games, and in-game items.

Steam cards normally come in denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100.

Can You Transfer Steam Money to Bank?

Steam users can’t transfer money from Steam cards and their Steam accounts to the bank.

The funds related to either Steam cards or your account are non-transferable.

Steam cards can be redeemed for credits that will be visible in your Steam wallet, which you can use exclusively on the Steam platform and for in-game items within games that are supported by the service.

Once your card is redeemed and the credit becomes visible on your Steam wallet, the funds can’t be transferred to another account or transferred to your bank.

Can You Transfer from Steam to PayPal?

You can’t make transfers from Steam to PayPal or any other similar financial service.

When you redeem your Steam code and turn it into Steam credits that are accessible via your Steam wallet, you won’t be able to transfer those funds to PayPal, your bank account, or even to a different Steam account.

There is no way of transferring Steam funds to PayPal as you can only spend your credits on the Steam platform and use it for in-game purchases if supported by Steam payments.

How To Get Money Out of a Steam Wallet?

You can’t get your money out of a Steam wallet as funds that you have in your wallet may only be spent on the Steam platform.

You can use your credits or redeem Steam cards for credits to buy games, downloadable content, pay for subscriptions, or make in-game purchases.

The only way to get money out of a Steam wallet is to spend it on Steam as you can’t make transfers to other Steam accounts or get your money to PayPal or your bank.  

Steam To PayPal – Workarounds

Steam is an incredibly popular platform for gamers with a strong community and an estimated 125 million active users worldwide.

Even though you can’t make transfers from one to another Steam account or transfer your Steam funds to PayPal, you can still find a way to get your funds out of a Steam wallet and to your PayPal wallet.

Steam restricts users from transferring Steam funds as allowing such transfers may result in illicit activities such as money laundering.

That is how Steam funds are useless outside of your account, while you can always deposit more than several payment methods to your Steam wallet.

As you can use your Steam credit within the Steam community market and Steam store, you can buy items, games, and downloadable content that you consider attractive enough for other people to buy.

You can try selling these items within the Steam community market or on websites like OPSkins, for instance, where gamers trade, buy and sell games, in-game items, and gaming-related products.

The only way you can get money from Steam to PayPal is by using a workaround method.

This method involves trading.

You can purchase gift cards and sell them via more than a single sales channel and get paid to your PayPal account.

Bonus – How to Send Money on Steam?

You can not send money from one to another Steam account, but you can still send money on Steam in a way.

If you want to send money on Steam to a friend or a fellow gamer, you can purchase a digital gift card and send it via the Steam Digital Gift Card page in the Steam store.

You can choose to send the gift card via Steam, which is like sending money, essentially.

However, the receiver of the card can only use their credit on Steam by redeeming the gift card.

They won’t be able to withdraw the funds or send money to another account.

You can choose a friend to send the gift card to within your Steam contacts after choosing the gift card amount.

Essentially, this is the only way to send someone money on Steam, while they can spend these funds exclusively within the Steam network and where Steam cards are supported.

Wrapping Up

Perhaps the best option is not to load your Steam account with more money than you need for purchasing subscriptions, games, and in-game items.

This way, you can avoid having to find a way to transfer money from Steam to PayPal or elsewhere.

Steam doesn’t allow users to withdraw funds from their Steam wallets and specifies that your money is immediately turned into Steam credits that are practically useless outside of the Steam network.

In case you do have a greater balance that you want to get from Steam to PayPal, you can always trade games and in-game items that you can buy with your Steam credits, sell them for fiat cash and get the funds to your PayPal account.