The world of digital marketing is in a constant state of evolution, transforming alongside the fluxing state of consumer preference, and technological innovation. For digital marketers, this means that staying ahead of the curve relies upon keeping their knowledge as current as possible. If you’re standing still in digital marketing — you’re actually moving backwards, and away from your customer base. So how can you stay afloat in this growing sea of knowledge? The answer is simple — always keep learning.

Digital marketing is a difficult business, and marketers are constantly working faster and harder than ever just to keep up with the latest nuances of their audiences. It’s undeniable that the winners of digital marketing are the ones that are willing to seek out new and constant education. However, if you aren’t already taking steps to update your knowledge, you’re already running out of time.

Some Lessons Are Always Relevant

Keeping up to date with the changes of your industry is essential if you have any hope of competing in the digital marketing world. For most people, this means scouring various hashtags on twitter, reading new blogs, and investing in courses for digital marketing education. As each year passes by, the savvy marketer will need to consider a new factors to consider when making their campaign successful. However, the lessons behind this approach to learning remain constant. For instance, digital marketers should always know:

  1. Technology will never stop evolving
  2. Google’s algorithm constantly changes
  3. Meeting client needs is paramount to success

This is why it’s crucial for digital marketing professionals to be adaptable and curious creatures, capable of filling their minds with an ever-expanding pool of information. One moment of swimming ashore in this sea of knowledge means missing the currents that push your competitors to success.

Stay On Top Of New Knowledge

Staying on top of the newest information in Digital Marketing can be a job in itself, but there are many tools that you can use to help. Here are a few quick tools that will help you stay ahead of the curve:

1. Create a Blog Roll

Using a RSS reader like feedly is one of the best ways to stay on top of what industry experts are saying. RSS readers can be checked daily or periodically, and you can use them find the blog posts that pertains to your interests and save them for later. Be sure to check often, so the posts don’t pile up!

2. Set Up Google Alerts

Another great way to keep on top of latest news is to set up google arts about relevant topics. Simply visit the google alert page and set up daily or weekly alerts for relevant terms, like “google algorithm change” or “content marketing AND SEO.” If you work in a particular industry or are trying to establish thought leadership around a particular topic or theme, you can use use google alerts to stay on top of news in that field as well.

And if you haven’t done it already, set up a google alert for your business name, so you always know what people are saying about you online.

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

One of the best ways to find new experts in your field is through social media. Follow the marketers you most admire on twitter  (wink wink) and Google+ and pay close attention to who they retweet and have conversations with. Social media also gives you a way to ask questions of these experts yourself when you have them. Stumped? Send a quick message to your favourite marketing experts and you may get the answer you need!

Networking, Events, and Lessons

When it comes to expanding your knowledge, events, networking days, and webinars are another great resource. Relying on your new learning tools can be useful, but nothing quite compares to the value of attending lessons hosted by real, reliable industry professionals, who have already achieved success in the digital marketing realm.

There are no shortage of events out there, from Forbes CMO summit in November, to the Summit at Sea, there are marketing events for marketers of all stripes. However, problems can arise for digital marketers when it comes to finding the available resources to attend each of these expensive events — particularly when they aren’t local. If seminars and summits aren’t in your budget, there is a solution for those who want to get on top of the digital marketing pulse before time runs out. For instance, whitepapers and webinars can help you gather all of the information that you need to know about the industry for free, wherever you are. That means accessing the high-quality education you need, with no expensive tickets or travel fares digging into your budget.

The Value of Knowledge

Reading a whitepaper from industry leaders, attending a digital marketing event, or webinar is beneficial to any marketer who wants to gain customers and improve the effectiveness of their programs through new and upgraded techniques. Some people think that seeking out such resources isn’t necessary when it’s possible to search the internet for all of the data that you might need to know about SEO techniques. However, listening to SEO experts is often a far more lucrative way of expanding your knowledge, in comparison to relying upon the knowledge of unknown sources.

Of course, it’s always advisable to supplement your knowledge with the latest articles and blogs — particularly when you have a credible source at hand.

How do you feel about the need to constantly keep learning as a digital marketer? Are there any resources that you have found particularly useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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Raxix • 3 years ago

Today is the time of digital marketing and this is a daily updated field if you want to be the best digital marketer then you should first be a good learner.
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