Survey Compare Reviews – Is Survey Compare Legit?

Survey Compare Reviews

Today, you can find a variety of websites that offer money for paid surveys.

Some of them provide legitimate work and ways to earn money. Other platforms also give you a way to get money.

But, the method of getting money may not be what people consider legitimate.

Such is the case with Survey Compare.

It lets you earn money by doing paid surveys. But, the way the platform works is what makes some users call it a scam.

Of course, you should give it a try before you give Survey Compare a final verdict.

Or at least, read the review.

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What is Survey Compare?

Survey Compare is a platform that connects you with paid surveys.

It looks and operates similar to a job board. However, it is far from a job board.

As you read, it is a literal platform that stores information about new paid surveys.

Another problem with Survey Compare is that much misinformation surrounds the survey platform.

While it has some quality backlinks, they are often misleading.

Also, there are many negative reviews of the platform.

Thus, the overall appearance of the platform is rather negative.

It seems like many users didn’t enjoy the experience.

And, like many others would recommend not using the platform.

The reason for this is the dislike of how Survey Compare operates. Another problem is the earning potential of the platform.

However, if you understand how Survey Compare works, it may help you earn some money. 

How Does Survey Compare Works?

Survey Compare is a platform that hosts paid surveys from other websites.

Once you complete a profile at Survey Compare, you can select surveys from other prominent survey websites.

The idea behind Survey Compare is to simplify the process of finding new surveys.

So, the reasoning behind the platform is that you can access multiple surveys from a single website.

The problem comes from the earning potential of these surveys.

While you get more surveys to complete, the earning potential differs from their original platforms.

For example, if you have a website like Swagbucks, you can compound points for paid surveys.

Here, there is a way to compound points.

So, while you have more surveys to complete, the earning potential may be less than working with a single platform. 

Working at Survey Compare

Working at Survey Compare is both simple and confusing.

For example, it is easy to start with the platform, but other things are confusing.

It takes seconds to create an account.

From then on, it gets hazy about your next assignment and earning potential.

There is almost no clear structure for anything.

Thus, you can only guess about all other things.

Of course, you can still get paid for the surveys you complete. 


The application process is straightforward.

You go to the platform and create an account. After you create an account, you fill up the profile.

That is all you have to do to start working with the Survey Compare platform.

There is no actual application process or way to legitimize your workability. All you need is an email address and a PayPal account, and you can start working.


Surveys on Survey Compare are the surveys you can find on any other survey website.

The only difference is that platform allows you to select the available surveys from other platforms.

Once you log into the platform, select a survey platform available. There, you can find all surveys available for that day you can solve.

Access the task and complete the platform survey. Then, you can select other tasks and finish them.

Look to complete as many surveys as possible since they may disappear after a day. 


As for rewards, they are wary from task to task. Some platform tasks go up to $5 per task.

That is also the maximum you may receive for a survey. Other than that, you can earn less money and even gift cards.

You get all your payments through PayPal.

All money you earn through Survey Compare goes to your profile and account.

When you want, draw the funds from your account to your PayPal account.

The problem is in the number of available surveys and earning potential. When you consider everything, the earning potential is low.

Using the Platform – Is Survey Compare Legit?

After all, you may still wonder, is Survey Compare legit?

Well, it is legit, but it may not be the best earning chance for you.

The earning potential is the primary reason most users call Survey Compare a scam.

While there is a chance to earn, it is sporadic.

In the best case, it is a side hustle you can use along with other earning opportunities.

If that is fine with you, you can make some money with Survey Compare.

Of course, it is not even close to a full-time job. And in some instances, to a part-time job. 


For Survey Compare, there are dozens of bad reviews. Most reviews claim that earning potential is low. And, they claim that working at Survey Compare is not worth the time. Well, it is all about what you can make from the platform.

So, if you were to trust reviews, you should avoid the job. However, if you want to earn some money, then give it a try. 

Survey Compare Job Offer

As a job, Survey Compare should be another way to supplement your income.

You can add it as a side-hustle and use it to help you earn some more money.

Other than that, there is almost no way it can help you get much and make a difference in your income.

Of course, you can still earn some money from the platform. If that is fine with you, you can give Survey Compare a try.

Try Survey Compare

While it may not be as good as similar websites, there is earning potential.

If you can differentiate your income streams, it can help you boost your earnings.

As long as you are aware of earning potential, you can make Survey Compare work for you.

So, give it a try and earn extra income.