On Dec.6, Google announced the introduction of two new features that will help online advertisers expand their businesses globally – Google Global Market Finder and Google Ads for Global Advertisers.  The aim of both of these tools is to allow advertisers to tap into the 1.9 billion people that are online across the globe, and do so in an efficient and effective way.  Below are a few highlights of each of these new features:

Google Global Market Finder: Free online tool that helps advertisers identify new markets overseas.

  • Automatically translates your ads and keywords to the language of your selected markets
  • Ranks each selected market by opportunity,  monthly search volume, suggested bid price, and keyword competition
  • Allows you to automatically import your selected keywords into Google’s Translator Toolkit, and then directly into your Adwords account

Google Ads for Global Advertisers: Free online tool that brings together Google Global Market Finder, Adwords, Google Translate, and other tools.

  • Includes case studies, success stories, etc.
  • Walks you through translating your website, Adwords ads, etc. using Google Translate
  • Provides information on international payment, shipping, and customer service

Of course, if you are an online advertiser who isn’t looking to expand globally, these tools won’t be of much use to you.  But for those businesses looking to break into new markets overseas, and want to target those marketing using Google Adwords, these tools are exactly what you need.


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