TBS DirecTV Channel: A Comprehensive Guide

TBS DirecTV Channel

TBS, a popular cable network, offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including popular TV shows, sports events, and movies. DirecTV subscribers can enjoy TBS as a part of their channel lineup, making it convenient for viewers to stay up-to-date with their favorite shows and live sports coverages. This article explores the TBS network, its programming highlights, and how to watch it on DirecTV, while also comparing it with other providers and looking into non-DirecTV streaming options.

DirecTV, a satellite-based TV provider owned by AT&T, delivers a multitude of channels and packages to subscribers across the United States. TBS, included in these packages, is owned by WarnerMedia and is best known for airing popular shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Friends’, and ‘American Dad!’, as well as live sports including MLB, NBA, and NHL games. The collaboration between TBS and DirecTV has made it easier for viewers to access their favorite content, regardless of their location.

When it comes to sports coverage, TBS plays a significant role in broadcasting live events, including the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Dodgers games are another notable programming highlight which makes TBS a preferred choice for sports fans tuning in through DirecTV. As satellite TV providers continue to diversify their offerings, the inclusion of TBS on DirecTV is an essential element in ensuring customers receive a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Key Takeaways

  • TBS network offers a diverse range of popular TV shows, sports events, and movies, through DirecTV
  • DirecTV subscribers across the US can enjoy TBS as a part of various channel packages
  • Sports fans can watch NCAA March Madness, MLB, NBA, and NHL games on TBS via DirecTV

TBS on DirecTV: An Overview

TBS is a popular American television network owned by WarnerMedia. DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T, is a satellite TV provider that offers the TBS channel to its customers. TBS features a mix of original programming, movies, and syndicated shows, making it a staple of many cable and satellite TV packages.

DirecTV offers TBS in multiple packages, providing viewers in various locations, including Houston, access to the entertainment network. Some of the most popular TBS programming includes shows like Miracle Workers, American Dad, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, 2 Broke Girls, Wipeout, and Family Matters.

In terms of sports, TBS partners with several leagues like the NHL, MLB, and NBA to broadcast live games. This makes it a desirable addition to any TV package for sports enthusiasts.

DirecTV customers can enjoy TBS’s movies and programming on demand, allowing them to watch their favorite shows and films whenever they please. Beyond traditional cable and satellite providers like Dish Network, Spectrum, Xfinity, and Verizon Fios, TBS is also available through various streaming platforms. These include AT&T U-verse, Sling TV, Paramount+, fuboTV, and YouTube TV.

To find the specific channel number for TBS within your DirecTV package, consult their channel guide, as it may vary by location. Additionally, Turner Broadcasting System, the parent company of TBS, manages other networks that may also be available through your DirecTV subscription. This includes major cable channels like CNN, TNT, and Cartoon Network.

In conclusion, TBS on DirecTV offers an array of entertainment options, from hit TV shows and films to live sports broadcasts. Pricing and availability of TBS within DirecTV packages may vary, so it is essential to review the specific offerings available in your area to ensure TBS is included in your chosen satellite TV package.

What Is TBS Network

TBS Network is a cable channel that is part of the Turner Broadcasting System, a division of WarnerMedia. The network predominantly offers programming that includes a mix of comedy TV shows, movies, and sports events. With a confident and knowledgeable style, TBS has established a solid reputation in the industry.

Some of the most popular TV shows aired on TBS include American Dad, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, 2 Broke Girls, and Family Matters. In addition to these sitcoms, TBS is also known for its original programming like Miracle Workers and the reality game show Wipeout.

TBS is available to DirecTV subscribers and is a part of various packages offered by the satellite television service provider. Turner Broadcasting System has evolved over the years, and with the pending merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, it is anticipated to become a part of Warner Bros. Discovery.

With a diverse range of programming and a commitment to delivering quality content, TBS Network continues to be a popular choice for viewers who enjoy watching compelling TV shows and movies.

Sports Coverage on TBS

TBS is a popular television network that offers comprehensive sports coverage, making it a must-watch for sports enthusiasts. Viewers can catch a variety of sporting events, including major league sports like the NBA, MLB, and even NHL games.

One of the most notable sporting events broadcasted on TBS is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Every year, fans eagerly tune in to watch all the excitement that unfolds during the March Madness event. TBS provides coverage of the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight stages, ensuring viewers stay in the loop during these nail-biting matches.

Subscribers with DirecTV can watch all these enticing sports events on the TBS channel, which is part of the entertainment giant’s channel lineup. By tuning in, fans can catch the live-action of their favorite teams and players in the comfort of their own homes. With its extensive sports coverage, TBS continues to be a favorite destination for fans who want to watch and stay updated on a wide range of sporting events.

TBS and Dodgers: A Programming Highlight

TBS has been providing sports enthusiasts with high-quality content for years. One of the most notable aspects of their programming lineup is their coverage of Dodgers games. As a dedicated channel for various sports events, TBS ensures fans never miss any exciting moments on the field.

With a focus on comprehensive coverage, TBS offers both live broadcasts and in-depth analysis of Dodgers games. From the first pitch to the final out, fans can enjoy the gripping action and key plays that make each match thrilling. The solid partnership between TBS and Dodgers has made moments, such as division series games, accessible to a broad audience.

For those who cannot catch the games live, TBS delivers a range of alternative viewing options, from recaps to highlights. Fans can stay updated on their favorite team’s progress throughout the season and connect with coverage via the channel’s website or social media platforms.

To properly convey the excitement of Dodgers games, TBS pays special attention to detail, employing skilled commentators and experts who add interesting insights into the matches. With cutting-edge production values and professional analysis, viewers can expect an engaging experience when tuning in to TBS.

In conclusion, TBS’s commitment to providing exceptional Dodgers coverage emphasizes the channel’s dedication to sports programming. With various options to watch and an informative, engaging presentation style, fans are sure to appreciate having TBS as their source for Dodgers content.

DirecTV Channels and Packages

DirecTV Channel Lineup

DirecTV offers a wide range of TV channels to its subscribers. The channel lineup varies depending on the package you choose. To watch TBS on DirecTV, find the channel number by looking at the channel guide or by visiting the DirecTV website.

Some popular channels included in DirecTV packages are:

  • TBS: Channel number 247
  • ESPN: Channel number 206
  • CNN: Channel number 202
  • HGTV: Channel number 229
  • Discovery Channel: Channel number 278

DirecTV Packages

There are several DirecTV packages to choose from, each offering a different set of channels. The price of the subscription depends on the package you select. Below are the main DirecTV packages available:

  • Select Package: Offers over 155 channels, suitable for those seeking an affordable option with essential channels.
  • Entertainment Package: Includes over 160 channels, provides a broader array of sports and entertainment channels.
  • Choice Package: Contains over 185 channels, featuring an extensive variety of channels such as TBS, covering various genres like sports, movies, and entertainment.
  • Xtra Package: Offers over 235 channels, perfect for those seeking a more comprehensive channel lineup.
  • Ultimate Package: Provides over 250 channels, catering to those wanting access to a massive range of channels and diverse genres.

Remember to review the channel lineup, the number of channels, and specific channel numbers before choosing a subscription package to ensure it meets your needs.

How to Watch TBS on DirecTV

TBS, a popular television channel known for its variety of programming, including TV shows, movies, and exclusive sports events, is available to DirecTV subscribers. If you have a subscription to DirecTV, you are in luck because TBS is included in most packages offering a wide range of entertainment options for viewers.

To watch TBS on DirecTV, you can locate the channel in your channel guide by referring to the official channel lineup on the DirecTV website or by browsing the on-screen guide on your TV screen. TBS is available on channel 247 in the DirecTV lineup. This number is generally the same across different regions, but it may be helpful to verify the channel number in your specific location, such as Houston.

DirecTV offers various streaming options as well, which allows you to enjoy TBS even when you’re not at home with a TV. By using the DirecTV app, you can watch live TV or access on-demand content from your smartphone or tablet. Simply log in with your DirecTV account credentials to access the TBS channel.

If you’re considering other TV service providers in addition to DirecTV, TBS is also accessible through AT&T U-verse, Sling TV, Paramount+, FuboTV, and YouTube TV. Each of these providers has different channel lineups and pricing, so it’s essential to check their package offerings for the one that suits your entertainment needs and budget.

In summary, if you’re a DirecTV subscriber, watching TBS is just a matter of finding the channel on your TV or streaming it using the DirecTV app. Happy watching!

Comparing DirecTV With Other Providers

DirecTV vs Dish

DirecTV and Dish Network are the primary satellite TV providers in the United States. Both offer a wide range of channels and packages, with DirecTV having the edge in the sports category. DirecTV offers exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket, while Dish Network has more focus on international channels and college sports networks.

Pricing & Packages:

  • DirecTV: Packages start at $64.99/month for 160+ channels
  • Dish Network: Packages start at $64.99/month for 190+ channels

DirecTV vs Spectrum

Spectrum is a cable TV provider offering a variety of plans and features. One significant advantage of Spectrum over DirecTV is the lack of contracts and installation costs. Additionally, Spectrum’s internet service may also be faster and more reliable than satellite internet offered by DirecTV.

Pricing & Packages:

  • DirecTV: Packages start at $64.99/month for 160+ channels
  • Spectrum: Packages start at $44.99/month for 125+ channels

DirecTV vs Xfinity

Xfinity, owned by Comcast, is another popular cable TV provider. Xfinity offers a more extensive selection of on-demand content and an advanced cloud DVR system than DirecTV. While Xfinity has a lower starting package price, DirecTV’s sports offerings may be more appealing to sports fanatics.

Pricing & Packages:

  • DirecTV: Packages start at $64.99/month for 160+ channels
  • Xfinity: Packages start at $30/month for 10+ channels

DirecTV vs Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a fiber-optic TV provider with high-quality picture and sound. Fios offers a customizable channel lineup and fast internet speeds. DirecTV may still be an attractive option due to exclusive sports content and lower starting prices.

Pricing & Packages:

  • DirecTV: Packages start at $64.99/month for 160+ channels
  • Verizon Fios: Packages start at $56/month for 125+ channels

Streaming TBS: Non-DirecTV Options

TBS is a popular cable television network known for broadcasting a variety of entertainment like sitcoms, movies, and sports events. If you don’t have DirecTV, there are still multiple ways available to stream TBS content without missing your favorite shows and live events.

AT&T U-verse is one of the top alternatives for accessing TBS. Available in different packages, customers can choose the one that best fits their needs and start enjoying TBS programming.

Sling TV allows you to stream TBS without a traditional cable subscription. As an affordable option, customers can add TBS to their package by choosing the Sling Blue or Sling Orange plan.

Paramount+ is another platform that offers TBS streaming services. By subscribing to their Essential or Premium plan, viewers can access TBS content in addition to the vast library of on-demand content provided by the platform.

fuboTV is a popular streaming service that caters mainly to sports enthusiasts. However, it also includes TBS in its channel lineup, making it a suitable choice for those who want to watch TBS without a cable or satellite subscription.

YouTube TV is another excellent option for streaming TBS content. With a simple subscription, users can access TBS and over 85 other channels, supporting multiple devices and offering DVR functionality.

For those looking for free options, the TBS website and TBS mobile app allow users to watch a limited amount of content without a cable subscription. Using an over-the-air (OTA) antenna is also a possibility in some areas, as TBS is available as a free OTA channel in select regions.

In summary, there are numerous streaming options available for viewers who wish to watch TBS without DirecTV. Consider each platform’s features, prices, and availability to determine the best choice for your entertainment needs.


TBS is a popular TV channel available on the DirectTV cable network. DirectTV subscribers can enjoy a wide range of entertaining content, such as sitcoms, movies, and sports events. To watch TBS on DirectTV, tune in to channel 247.

As a well-established network, TBS offers a mix of original programming and syndicated shows, catering to the varied preferences of viewers. It is also home to Major League Baseball postseason games and NCAA Basketball Championship, making it a go-to channel for sports enthusiasts.

In summary, TBS on DirectTV provides a diverse line-up of engaging content for their subscribers. Tuning into this channel gives access to hit TV shows, blockbuster movies, and live sports events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TBS channel number on DirecTV?

The TBS channel on DirecTV is located on channel number 247.

Is TBS included in DirecTV’s basic package?

Yes, TBS is included in DirecTV’s basic package called the Entertainment package.

How can I find the TBS schedule for DirecTV?

To find the TBS schedule for DirecTV, you can visit the official TBS website, check your on-screen guide or utilize the DirecTV app.

What channel is TBS East on DirecTV?

TBS East is also available on DirecTV on channel number 247.

What’s the difference between TBS and TNT channels on DirecTV?

TBS and TNT are sister networks, both owned by WarnerMedia. TBS focuses more on comedy, sitcoms, and sports programming, while TNT features a mix of drama, action, sports events, and original series.

Are TBS channel numbers different in various states on DirecTV?

No, the TBS channel number remains the same, 247, across all states for DirecTV subscribers.