I want to illustrate some pretty good results we’ve had with a recent client using pictures from our analytics. Obviously I blurred out the specific data to keep our client’s information safe but you’ll get the general idea from the upward sloping graph.

You’re looking at non-paid keyword searches from October 13th through November 12th, in other words, how many people found the site through keyword searches on the search engines.

Our client site in this example was getting around 5 organic keyword search hits per day before contracting with Best Rank. After about 2 months from our SEO services, traffic began to dramatically increase to around the low 40s in terms of organic keyword hits per day. That’s an 800% increase in site traffic and the campaign is still relatively young.  At this point in the campaign cycle, the site ranks in the top 10 for a lot of it’s terms but only ranks #1 for a few of it’s keywords – just image what kind of traffic it could pull if it ranked #1, 2 or 3  across the board!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we work or to see our specific client examples/results we’re happy to talk over the phone 🙂 858 427-0825. Happy SEOing!


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